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Editing: Marion Knothe / Annette Paulmann 01 Freiburg: A fellow American-Filipino Arnel Almeda goes with food cart through the corridor of the hospital. It measures blood pressure in patients. He sees through medical records. He is in training as a nurse. He leaves the hospital and plays basketball with friends. Cityscape Freiburg. Ride on tram through the city (driving record). Young Americans lives on the outskirts of the city. Conversation with the host family. Youth training. At the American dance with American girlfriend. Cuckoo clock, great. Souvenirs/Gift shop. Market flower stall. Had he revise his views about the Germans?
Arnel Almeda actuality (translator): "I've heard the saying: human remains human being — that is, we all have to wear the same lot." When one speaks of the Germans in the United States, it says: drive Volkswagen, Bavarian beer from huge jugs, and wear leather pants at the Oktoberfest. -I had to correct course quickly this image... "And if I now tell my friends about Germany, I say simply: it is another place with another language - and the language is believed to be the only big difference."
People faces, great child's face. Arnel Almeda rises in the tram.
(112 m, 10:00:26) 02 withdrawal of Russians by the Brokken - driving German assistance in Russia Brokkenbahn. Russian soldier closes door gate. Rooms of the Horchpostens on the Brokken (formerly early warning radar facility equipped and). Empty spaces. Laundry room. Russian soldiers to clean bearings. Military vehicles drive on freight train.
Construction work in Russia. Residential construction. Russian returnees. Bathroom. Living room. Driving record through settlement. Visitors to the Brokken.
Prime Minister Bergner speaks interview: "goodbye gives us the historic opportunity to a new togetherness of our peoples under the sign of peace, of friendship and partnership. The trigger offers the chance to work towards a Europe where borders no longer separate if want people to each other."
(67 m, 10:04:40) 03. automotive Leipziger Messe Exhibition Centre with commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Settings cars. VW booth. The golf Ecomatic, whose diesel engine automatically turns off and holding. The motor can be operated with biodegradable fuel produced from rapeseed oil.
Audi luxury sedan A8 in aluminium, is fully recyclable. Treatment of old material. Factory recordings. State compacts study A Daimler Benz: swatch mobile fuel consumed only 3 l.
E 1 BMW: Electric car. Refuelling into a standard household outlet. Cars on the highway.
(81 m, 10:07:00) 04 Burghausen/Salzach Valley: Jazz Festival cityscape Burghausen, little town on the Austrian border. Street with restaurants in the evening.
Jazz musicians rehearse. Violinist, great. It plays the Arcado string trio, violin, cello, Baß. Listeners applaud. The long night in the Baroque old town with music in all pubs. Two young people enter place. Jazz band playing. Waitress serves. Duo with clarinet and piano playing. Empty streets. Sign in local "singing club whooping cough".
(75 m, 10:10:00) 05. Rostock: international art - and Tower jumper days cityscape Rostock. Feet of Springer on board. Bounce. Adjusting the suspension. Spring studies by two jumpers and jumpers. Judges table. Vera Ilyina, Russia, winner of the 3 m Board. Healthy jump with somersaults. Claudia Bockner, Leipzig, jumps. The men with Handstand, Salto, stretching exercises. Men jump from the tower. It wins a Dimitri Sautin, Russia. Audience award ceremony.
(80 m, 10:12:45)



Jazz ; art jumping ; Stipendium ; Automobilausstellung ; Burghausen (Bayern) ; Brocken ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Krankenpflege ; Musik ; Straßenverkehr (Kraftverkehr) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 476/1994

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