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01 West Manager in Leipzig Leipzig townscape with buildings. Employees at an assembly plant at work. Engineer records. Building designs. Architect on the phone. Session. New colleague from Germany Walter Sieger is added. Walter Sieger actuality: "here almost everything with paper is done at the moment. And there's many ways to rationalize this and to make online solutions on screen quick, informative, very effective. "And since I have Yes over ten years experience behind me, I think that I can help the company very."
Computer images. Men working on the computer. Large building breaks. Construction site. Cladding. After work, the employees left the House. Walter Sieger climbs omnibus.
(70 m, 10:00:20) 02 Kiel: indoor handball Cup game HTW Kiel - TBV Lemgo 23:20 Kiel with sailors on the fjord. Indoor handball in the Baltic Hall. Play in ZL and normal. Gate litters. Audience clapping, half-close. Storm back and forth. Post shot. Referee. Kiel throws six goals one at a time. Audience clapping. End of the game. Players shake hands.
Advertisement: Provincial - Sünkler - Isostar - Lotto toto - hobby caravans.
(62 m, 10:02:55) 03. Swans fly over the border or the german Polish relations. Farmer and farmer to harvest wagon. Bridge. Border posts.
Gdańsk: cityscape. The Presidents of Poland, Germany and France meet Walesa, von Weizsäcker, Mitterrand. Walk through the town. People waving from Windows. Awarded an honorary doctorate of the University of Gdańsk, von Weizsäcker and Mitterrand. Listeners. Marianne von Weizsäcker with big headphones.
Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "the fundamental constants that today define the relationship between Germany and France, are mutual trust and mutual affection. With such spirit, we want to meet also our relationship with Poland. Poland is European heart country such as France and Germany. Without Poland we would be no true Europeans."
Mitterrand, great. Walesa between standing von Weizsäcker and Mitterrand. Handshake.
Exchange of views with Polish, French and German students in University.
Newly founded European University in Frankfurt / Oder, the first German University with a Polish name of Viadrina (located at the river), living on both banks of the oder in Germany and Poland college students. Students go together.
Polish student interview: "so I come from Poland, and I think the important thing is that the students here come from and we us real good meet Poland and Germans." This is important for the culture, the culture of mutual and also for peace in the world."
Polish student interview: "I myself and my colleagues to improve Polish-german relations; We Poland and Germans, between us there are no differences."
Students in the student Café. Talks. Student newspaper "Boundless" in German and Polish. Distribution of the magazine at a border control point. In a high school German and Polish young people dance to a Polish folk song. Frankfurt / Oder City Hall. Meeting with the Mayor and members of the Polish neighbouring town Slubice. Speaker interview: "... a work that thrives for many months."
Meetings between soldiers of the Bundeswehr and the Polish Army. Tour of construction sites with protective helmets. Talks. Narturschutzpark on the oder estuary. Covered wagon ride. German and Polish painter looking for a motive. Paint painter. Cyclists on the river.
(195 m, 10:05:05) 04. The pop group, Pur 5 participants of the band come and give autographs. Recorded interview: "is that so the parents come with the children now so that we have been whole families in the audience. And perhaps in part already Auchsesheim, grandparents is not age-dependent and not subject to education. It comes with the main school daughter of a teacher, it's at random."
Live concert. Singer. Drummer. Fans clap enthusiastically. Fans cheer. Candles burn.
(10:11:55) (end of 10:14:30) special services: site Germany February 1994 made in Germany color video production large antennas. Relay. ICE trains. Driving shooting rail. Map of Germany with road network. Europe map with road and rail network. TRUCK on Highway. Motorway junction. Barges on the river. Freight marshalling yard. Aircraft. Font: Made in Germany.
(10:00:00) modern buildings. Glass facades. Hamburg St. Michael's Church and Gruner and year. Total Berlin Institute. Manufacturing control systems. Men on screens. Communication of industrial robots in high-tech Center.
(10:01:25) map of Europe with car flags of the countries. Large-scale laboratory: Emergence of new materials. Biotechnology: Plants grow in the laboratory. Laser technology. Environmental protection: Recycling plant. Genetic research. Research of micro systems: insect bee. Energy technology: Wind turbines revolve. Medical research. Man with dark goggles at experimental test. Open computer tomography. Computer images. Heartbeat of the people. Production of CT scanners in Bavaria. Boxes for export to Japan, Spain, Brazil.
(10:02:30)-glowing Sun ball over houses. Second hand watch, great. Black Forest: Freiburg cityscape. Young women in watches-production plant. The 1-solar clock the world that runs forever and never wrong. Manufacturing. Finished watches.
(10:04:05) pioneers of the industrial revolution: Gottlieb Daimler before factory - automotive industry. Carl Benz drives car - automotive industry. Konrad Zuse, close-up - 1 computer 1941 Rudolf diesel, close-up. Diesel motor - drive technology. Otto Hahn, close-up. His work table - nuclear fission. Werner von Siemens, close-up - economic production of electrical energy.
(10:05:40) young apprentices after the 2nd training year in conversation. Close-ups. Apprentices in the operation and the vocational school. Learning on the computer. Training centres. Welding. Auditorium.
(10:06:20) Bundestag. Helmut Kohl quote: "the future in Germany is not just a question of cost. Virtues such as motivation, hard work, reliability and common humanity, but also the courage for the future are invited!"
(10:08:20) map of Europe. Transformer Ruhr area. Dortmund. Düsseldorf. Wuppertal. Maglev train. Big gas balloon. Phone calls around the world.
Black and white (10:08:40) review: work of the miners underground after the 2nd World War. Lay the groundwork for the economic miracle. Blast furnaces. Smoking chimneys.
(10:09:10) color: modern manufacturing of steel sheets. Steel maker. Miners demonstrations (10:09:35) Helmut Kohl quote: "despite all the conflicts - I want to acknowledge here that--committed to their shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole trade unions and employers in Germany. The social partnership is one of the most important pillars of our society and must remain."
(10:10:25) new Länder: road construction. Concrete mixer. Driving record on cranes passing. Road transport. Construction site. Modern facades. Pedestrian passage. Showcase. Old crumbling industrial plant, will be forfeited.
(10:10:45) Erfurt: workers in protective clothing in State of the art chip factory. Semiconductor chips are manufactured made-to-measure according to the requirements, worldwide. Session of the Executive Board with English customers. Plane taking off.
(10:12:50) porcelain production. Turkish travel companies by Müfit Tarham in Düsseldorf. Berlin: Pedestrian, fashion department store. Fashion on stands. Stock Exchange newspaper. Stock Exchange and stock brokers.
(10:14:30) European flag. Eurokai of Hamburg. Container handling. Container ship. Loading. Lufthansa. Performance horses. Carpets. Map of the world. Circled Europe. Industrial exhibition. Font: Made in Germany.
(73 m, 10:15:45, 10:17:30)



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