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01 Berlin will be different.
9:59:55 to 10:04:50 S-Bahn runs. Station Berlin-Friedrichsberg. Intercity "Super nose" drives. Map of Berlin with East-West Division and as a unit. Passengers in compartment of train.
Review: Tanks at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. Empty space and model of American Business Centre, which is to be built there. Major construction sites in Berlin. Construction cranes. Construction workers. Frederick Road site. Dilapidated houses. Artists paradise of Oranienburger Straße with studios and painted embroidering. Architectural draftsman on the drawing board. Design of the buildings in the new Government District. Eberhard Diepgen, Mayor of Berlin, o-ton: "Berlin was the capital of the whole self-image, the history here and also by the expectations in the context of European development. This is the most important at the moment for Berlin, and it's a knock-on effect for investment--not only for Berlin, but for the entire region, for all new countries. Who knows Berlin, knows that Berlin grew together from 200 cities, towns and villages, is so decentralized. "And that also makes it clear, that she can never become a mega-city, a juggernaut."
Passing to the Government District with Reichstag building. Models of the new Government buildings: Federal Chancellery, Plenary Hall, building of the Federal Administration. The Brandenburg Gate. People on the street. Subway station Kurfürstendamm. Night life in Berlin with burlesque dancers and Cancan.
(129 m) 02 Thüringen: porcelain from Ilmenau.
The new owner of the porcelain plant, the Iranian Hossein Jamalian, with a plate in his hand. Precious porcelain. Gem with the portrait of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Porzellanmalerinnen. Designer at new design for new models. Man sweeps of the area. Dilapidated old machines in space. According to investment of capital, modern production facilities. Valuable design in porcelain teapots and cups.
(53 m, 10:04:55 10:06:40) 03. Marc-Kevin Goellner. Marc Kevin Goellner while playing tennis - serve and game in ZL. Audience claps. Gabrielle checks flooring. Close-up of Gabrielle. Christiane Haese interviewed Marc Kevin Goellner actuality: "I got then started boxing because I wanted to improve my footwork. You have to imagine when I now play against a guy like Sampras served incredibly quickly with over 200 km/h, then I must be able to back me to the ball very well. And that was the reason why we went to the boxes actually."
"How you handle the rollercoaster of success and defeat?"
"When I play against Agassi, and which returned service very well, because I have to give just everything, just on impact I must risk much stop so that he is not the direct points." "And if I do then even simple mistakes, then I just think me: further forward, the next point is important."
Goellner plays tennis, makes point and clenches the "Becker fist". Audience claps. Marc Kevin Goellner actuality: "must be seen, it is also a profession like any other profession, and it's an incredible competition in the profession. Only, the only difference to the other occupation is that this competition is conducted openly and in other occupations not. "You can maybe be friend off the Court, but once it on ' n space goes, as you can see then: everybody is a competitor."
Boris Becker, great. Ask Boris Becker: "Do you think having to fear Marc Kevin Goellner someday?"
Boris Becker interview: "you mean baby-bum-Bum?"
Question to Gabrielle: "You have personal relationships with him?"
Marc Kevin Goellner actuality: "to Boris? "So, we welcome us, we talk a bit, but until now was no time for dinner or something."
Boris Becker interview: "Marc is a very good player, he has come pretty rapidly upwards in recent weeks. "I mean, he has the chance for the first 20, but he needs a bit of luck and can of course and so - you will only see that in the next few years, but he can play good tennis."
Advertisement: Opel - Panasonic - Coca Cola - Dunlop.
(84 m, 10:06:45 10:09:40) 04. International Youth Orchestra in Schleswig-Holstein.
Tractor driving. Rider. 2 children talk to each other. Landscape of Schleswig-Holstein. Salzau Castle. Geiger specimens in the Park. Japanese violinist does in the large room of the Castle. Flutist exercises. Two young people Kiss front window. Rooms of three young musicians full of clutter. Young man lies on the bed and read. Illuminated Castle Salzau in the evening. In the early morning, young girl in old construction trailer carries trombone, others exerts cello.
Front of the Castle has a german Irish duo harp and clarinet.
Common game of the young people in the spare time with balls and straws. Young Bulgarian interview (French).
"J' J'aime bien ce festival." C 'est une bonne possibilit, pour tous le gens ici, travailler Ilyas professional avec le chef de l ' orchestre, la musique est trSs interesting, ce sont read choses qui sont nouvelles pour moi, parce que j' habite en Bulgarie." Translation: "it's a great opportunity here, professionally with conductors to work; the music is very interesting. Much is still new for me, because I come from Bulgaria."
Young girl o-ton: "I have met many new people, meet many different conductors, where I will probably no longer have the opportunity to play as soon as among those."
Asian girl o-ton: "to be able to make music together with all the wonderful musicians from 25 different nations." They same all have individual unique talent and all the levels of different child of artistry. So that is the most exciting part"
Translation: "the ability to play with all the wonderful musicians from 25 countries. They all have a special talent and a high artistic level. That was my greatest experience."
Balloon Castle Sanssouci. The Youth Orchestra plays before the new Palace in Sanssouci of Stravinsky's "Firebird". Listeners. Conductor. Balloon Castle.
(133 m, 10:09:45 10:14:20)



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