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01 concert in Mecklenburg.
Tree-lined Avenue. Grain field. Manor houses. Landscape. Schloß Ludwigslust. Golden Hall. In the Golden Hall, Mecklenburg Baroque Orchestra plays the Bassoon Concerto in c major, an unknown composer on historical instruments. Bassist, large, cello player, big, harpsichord player. Paintings on the ceiling. Park with water games. Swans. Walkers in the Park. Castle silhouette in the evening.
(67 m) 02. portrait of Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel.
Klaus Kinkel immediately on floor. Diplomatic reception. Handshake with African diplomats. Conversation with Arabs. Close-up. Mrs Ursula Kinkel. Common breakfast in the garden. Klaus Kinkel while chopping wood - sawing. Ursula Kinkel cut roses. Kinkel jogs with security officials. Kinkel joins aircraft. Close-up of Klaus Kinkel interview: "I was the reunion of officials with a clear understanding of the role of working to, so if you want, the function of serving. This has changed completely since I was Foreign Minister. Now, I must be advertise so to speak, in the political sphere, in the first link to support. This is the changed role. "Now I have to out there try to impose my ideas."
Aircraft Jet, large. Visit to Prague. Kinkel gets out of aircraft and is welcomed. Visiting Prime Minister Klaus. Conference. The Goethe Institute in Prague. Klaus Kinkel at the lectern at inauguration of the Goethe Institute o-ton: "we must raise awareness across our borders that this diversity, in particular, does not separate us, but enriched, and that we all stand together place must want to have, when we Europeans in the world of tomorrow. Here, the central political importance of cultural cooperation is in our time. The Goethe Institute in Prague is to serve also."
The book room of the Goethe Institute. Klaus Kinkel in the file review, large aircraft production sound: "This means for the German foreign policy a new challenge, because we now also through the United Nations, by the international community are required, more than in the past, not only our rights but also our obligations to perceive through the deployment of German soldiers for peacekeeping and peacemaking operations, as well as for monitoring preventive measures." This is a very huge change and new challenge for our foreign policy."
(106 m) 03. Weimar: German-American student exchange.
Market in Weimar. American student from Columbus, Ohio on the market. The Goethe/Schiller monument. German student interview: "this is the monument of Goethe and Schiller. They lived in the 18th century and are essential, because they have written many important works at the Weimar Court. You will surely they know because they have been translated into English."
Visit image of Goethe in the Goethe House, where Goethe once wrote Faust. Rooms with busts and desk. The Goethe-gymnasium. American and German students at a talk show interview: German-American views and comparisons: German schoolgirl: "on the whole, the differences are not too big, what life and so concerns."
But Americans are much more open in my opinion, they approach the people, even though you don't know her, and that is somewhat unusual in Germany. "But I like that much better, if it is to each other."
American production sound: (partly translation) "I think the life here is more peaceful than in America, less crime. The country seems more relaxed than America, and I like that."
The students play board games. An American original: (partly translation). "One of the biggest differences is how often the Germans eat. We are at home not accustomed to so much food. It's amazing how people stay so slim - but they go a lot, and I like that."
American production sound: (partly translation) "in America the news channel want to bring only the bad stuff, from Germany, so"national socialism"and the"Stasi", everything bad about the 2nd World War and all that." But not America's position can be changed by words; Everyone must make its own experiences."
German girl o-ton: "I think that we will get our friendship that we are developing now, very long upright."
(74 m) 04 inventor Artur Fischer.
The fishing works in the black forest. Production of Fischer plugs, screen-filling. Senior Chief Artur Fischer, 73jährig, goes through the operation. Talks with employees. Artur Fischer interview: "so, now I must show you once my inner sanctum. That my room, where I putting stuff, paint and put under reasonable and unreasonable ideas here."
"How are the ideas? Is there a silver bullet?"
"It's the joy, enthusiasm, love of technology, to create new, the sense of achievement, the creativity that is the expression safe. It's just a total experience. I was often asked - how do it - I have to say every time: I'm sorry; I can't tell you that. But I know the conditions: loyalty to the thing, discipline, order, to deliver good, to bring a service, this is very important. The service for the other, and that is one of the main motifs. Inventing and developing is beautiful, but also the painting is very nice. Both are creative, and I want to dedicate the rest of my life of this special creativity."
His paintings on the wall. Son Klaus Fischer also manages the enterprise. Talks with employees. Fischer engineering - construction kit for children. Children play with Fischer-Technik. Helicopter, car wash.
(75 m) 05. The mini kickers.
Little boys (3-5 years) to play football on the street, kids football on the playing field. Mascot. 7-8jährige in the locker room. Boy pulls on shin guards. Onslaught of the player. Trainer at the edge of the page. Game. ZL. Goalkeeper scene ZL. Parents on the sidelines. Corner. Shot on goal. Jubilation. Goalkeeper defense ZL. Drinking from bottle at half-time. Wash. Gate in ZL. The teams go from the square.
(60 m)



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