Deutschlandspiegel 467/1993 1993


01 Ruhr: steel industry in the crisis of steel workers and miners in marching with Union flags in the fight for their jobs. Steel workers interview: "I'm afraid for my job, that can affect anyone."
"We have of course fear for our jobs, one more and the other less. We hope but that the economy again and that we can get our work on this."
Steel tubes in stock.
Sw review: smoking chimneys in the 50s and 60s. Blast furnace, VW Beetle, Mercedes.
Color: Iron River, control system, industries. Economics Minister Günter Rexrodt, o-ton: "steel is always needed, and steel is also in Germany can further be produced and must. What here needs to take place is a further rationalisation - a harder, more difficult process, a reduction of capacity, but on modern technology, which in principle have the Germans, that is feasible."
Structural change in processing plants. Production of sheets and car bodies protected against corrosion. Economics Minister Günter Rexrodt actuality: "it a process of change takes place in the economy, which brings about that so-called"mature industries", and includes the steel and includes mining, that the shrink, and that other industries are stronger and bigger." "This is a normal, hard process, and often not easy for those affected."
Industrial buildings. Rally. At the lectern, Prime Minister Johannes Rau.
(95 m, 10:00:00 10:03:50) 02 Bonn: children's Party at the Chancellor children upon arrival with invitation card around his neck. Clown and children. Zeppelin rides girl labeled Berlin 2000 elephant. German Chancellor Helmut Kohl interview: "it is now especially important that you all take it with home: that all men brothers and sisters are, that there is no place for racial hatred and xenophobia in Germany." I wish a happy, maybe even exciting day all you, and above all hope that you can not only with your friends and girlfriends to talk, but with children who come from all over elsewhere."
In addition to Helmut Kohl are Interior Minister Seiters and Hannelore Kohl. Balloons. Sled dogs pulling small car. Kids ' music, flag group. Bicycle obstacles. Climbing on the climbing wall. Swimmer Franziska Van Almsick sign autographs and talking o-ton: "Under common travel I understand actually so much that just after the attacks the feast for all there is now, for children who come from abroad."
Children interview: "do you think that the Festival has a good purpose?" "Yes." "What for one?" "As you meet and can close friendship."
Shooting in the football goal with Chancellor Kohl. German Chancellor Helmut Kohl interview: "we live in peace, we live in freedom, and I advise all they should use the opportunity, you want to keep your eyes open, to learn what and what make of their lives."
Total Palais Schaumburg Park with children.
(63 m, 10:03:45 10:06:00) 03 motorway roadworks cement mixer turns. Construction site of the highway bridge in the Richelsdorfer Valley near Eisenach. Construction workers with protective helmets. Bridge superstructure is filled with concrete. Working by floodlight at night. Germany map with road network. Road rollers smooth the road. Asphalt is applied. Traffic information of the traffic. Construction site dust formation of motor vehicles.
(74 m, 10:05:55 10:08:35) 04 car Rhine Valley.
The Rhine Rhine castles. The Loreley rock. Car-free Sunday in communities between Koblenz and Bingen. Riders crowd the streets. Marching band playing. Translate ferries. Many people with bikes leave the ferry. Food stalls, carnival atmosphere. Camps on the edge of the road. The Rhine Valley with Castle.
(52 m, 10:08:30 10:10:25) 05. Nuremberg: Triathlon - Supercup (the iron man).
Long-distance runner, swimmer, cyclist. What actually fascinates the athletes at this new martial arts? Swimmer actuality: "actually the community among the sportsmen among them;" the whole drum rum, a murder flair, you can find it at any other competition."
Start 1500 m swim. Sportsmen and sportswomen crawl partly ZL. Arrival at the destination. Move. Continuing with the bike 40 km. Runner-up Rainer Müller goes on the front of the peloton. Sportsmen and sportswomen on the bike. Drinking soft drinks. Overtaking. Shoe for the 10000 m run. Rainer Müller, Hanau, runs as a winner by the target. Women Club colleague Sabine Westhoff won interview: "I'm even amazed. It went super, I didn't. "I'm hoping for much, but it's going so well - lace."
(81 m, 10:10:20 10:13:20)



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