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01 Katharina Witt, artist on the ice close-up Katharina Witt. Skate boots, great. Katharina Witt pulls her skate boots. Katharina Witt on the ice. Audience clapping. Katharina Witt celebrates her 28th birthday with big cake at the ice Gala in Frankfurt. Close-up of Katharina Witt, their parents. Mother o-ton: "so, is already a wonderful feeling when you see them. I've been chasing them so well all these years; and on a day where she celebrated their birth day and with a mood so it was already a beautiful day."
Katharina Witt actuality: "Yes, you must be very persistent in particular very disciplined and very ambitious." And just in figure skating or sport very, very much exercise."
Katharina Witt during training on the ice and power sports. Choosing the music with music artist. Mixer. Ice skating in appearance.
(88 m) 02 Russia ethnic Germans in Hesse, Saxony Anhalt map of the Federal Republic. Trace of the village in Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, Germany. Russia returnees in the village. Meeting in a restaurant and entertainment in Russian. The accommodation of 160 German in a former army barracks. Family in a living room and bedroom. Mayor of 1600 community o-ton: "first and foremost, it was the decision to provide humanitarian assistance. We see a chance through resettlement back healthy the place very simply here. The more people are here, so the place livens up, thus the facilities such as school, kindergarten utilized better."
Teacher interview: "we have now over 20 students more in school. This of course brings more growth, and that means, after all, also the preservation of jobs for individual teachers and nursery teachers."
School class. German lessons. Student 1 o-ton: "When new students came, because we helped them, because that, they didn't know what to do." Student 2 original sound: "the first hour was still hard, and we were all scared." Student attempting to speak german. Training of new residents in cottage industry. Welding. Children on the playground.
(74 m) 03. The solar house in Fribourg Wilhelm Stahl, 42 years, the findings of the solar research of work carried out in his private house. Electricity pylon. Solar cells on the roof of his house are the source of energy for the supply. Warm air in the room flows through openings in the floor. Hydrogen heater in the basement. Woman cooking on a gas stove, which is powered by the solar hydrogen. Wilhelm Stahl interview: "up here is the solar cell plant, which supplied the House with electricity. We produce also the solar hydrogen used in the House for cooking, and again we make electricity in the winter, when the Sun is shining too little. The facility has an area of 36 square meters and has a maximum power when the Sun is shining full of 4000 Watts."
Cellar with device that turns excess sunlight into hydrogen, stored in external tank. Wilhelm Stahl for presentation to interested parties. The solar house total.
(64 m) 04. The Green team the Green teams are the eco-kids by Greenpeace. You demonstrate for exhaust-free cars and disposable cans. Pyramid of cans full of sheet metal. Water level. Action 'Water is life'. The Greenpeace ship Krakonoš in Dresden. Water is drawn from the river Elbe and checked for pollutants. Blue coloring indicates pollution. Young people paint transparent stops the sale of tropical wood. Young o-ton: "By the fact that the rain forest is cut down, it a greenhouse effect, and thus can humanity later no longer live, if this degenerate too much."
Girl o-ton: "Finally, it is Yes for our future, and our future should be actually not it doesn't matter to us, therefore we are committed."
Moving the children behind transparent stops selling tropical timber in Gänsereihe in a row.
(63 m) 05 Potsdam: the Dutch quarter small houses of the Dutch quarter in Potsdam in red brick. Inscription 1739-1909 dilapidated facades. Renovation work. Renovated houses. People sit on garden furniture outside the door. Gallery owner Rainer Sperl in house at party. Meeting of the residents. Ownership structure are still unclear in many cases.
(43 m) 06. Bochum: international football match Germany-Ghana game in the Bochumer Ruhr Stadium. Viewers, partly coloured, with a Ghana flag. Game scenes. Goalkeeper parade Ghana ZL. Prince Polley the 0:1 for Ghana shoots shortly before half-time. 2nd half: In the 69th minute shot Jürgen Klinsmann volley from goalkeeper held. A minute later, Ulf Kirsten scores the compensation goal 1:1. A minute later Stefan Effenberg shoots the 2:1 audience clapping, flags, cheering. In the 71st minute, Jürgen Klinsmann of the 3:1 close-up Jürgen Klinsmann shoots screaming. Stefan Effenberg goal 4:1 flank on Jürgen Klinsmann, who shoots from a narrow angle it 5-1. Andy Möller shoots 6:1 audience cheering total at the last minute. Teams go by the place. Players embrace.
(65 m)



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