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01 EC-internal market: Europe is growing newspaper stand together with international newspapers. Traffic policeman with badge on sleeve: Deutsch, Español, italiano, german, portugues. The Atomium of Brussels. Double decker buses. Train over viaduct. Road junction. Loading of crates. Before sign: Fit for Europe freight forwarder speaks Dischinger actuality: "it is positive in this respect, we expect a significant additional volumes in the goods sector. Negative – in the relationship we are wettbewerbsbenachteiligt our conditions in Germany. So German carriers pay higher wages; a harder competition is expected, which brings many advantages to the end user but. The company can fully up to offer their goods or services now."
TRUCK traffic on the highway. Free border traffic on the german French border crossing. EC - car signs. Map of Europe.
SW: 1945 debris after the war. Founding of the EEC in the 50s. Tariff barriers are open. Europe - youth camp.
Color: Empty work shops at customs clearance points. Zafar speaks interview: "we have abandoned some customs that are no longer occupied. You see for yourself, here, no customs officers are more on the road, the clearance cabin is practically empty. This has of course had resulted, that many jobs have been lost, some officials from Kehl had to go."
Europe seminars for young people. Vegetable market. Consulting in the border town of Kehl. Shopping in the supermarket. Landmarks of the cities of London Tower Bridge, Rome Colosseum, Brussels Atomium, Paris Arc de Triomphe, Berlin victory column.
(110 m) 02. Hamburg: international media Festival spotlight on the Alster. Roasted to gate on the Alster. Theater magician Robert Wilson in exhibition halls with blackened fire signs on the walls, Golden angels and smoke signals from Kahn. Robert Wilson production sound: (translation) "I have created a space, which is similar to an orange. The shell is quite different from the inner pulp. As I have created an outer space, which forms a strong contrast to the electronic exhibition inside the area."
Video, computer and laser technology. Young people at the center of the experience. Young man moves with screen glasses and data gloves. Fabricio Plessi, Italy, shows video water images. Robert longs mythical stone circle in sculptures by TVs, piled by Nam June Paik. Video of Rebecca Horn. Merging of man in pencil mask using object. Jon Kessler created poetic bizarre formations. The TV on the stage of the theatre. Titanik dance performance by the fall. Jon Kessler actuality: "the Germans seem to love this kind of crazy American spirit.
Outside America, I here have made the most shows in Germany, and I have the impression, here my work has been always recognized and critically reflected.
Fire images. Robert Wilson production sound: "someone asked me whether this fire sign is focused on the electronics, and I said: no, not at all!" I am thinking of something think American Indians over fire, and what applies to the modern technique. Fire can be destructive, and it can be also constructive. It can warm us, it can cook our food and whatever. It depends on how we use it. We need to use it with intelligence and caution."
(130 m) 03. Rostock: the Ostsee Zeitung map of Germany with Rostock. The port. Ships at the shipyard. Repair work will be carried out. Rotary machine prints Ostsee-Zeitung. Editorial. The "Oscar" of the press, which the newspaper received 1992. Editor on the phone, faces, great. Working at screens. Meeting with the editor-in-Chief and the Publisher. The final design meeting original sound: "the second headline would be, that the industrial port Ueckermünde is now rehabilitated a total of 10 million marks. The economy Ministry in Schwerin carries 6.5 million alone. Then we have here yet that the economy Minister in favour of the construction of the pipeline from Rostock to Leuna ' "Kohl supports Olympic 2000 in Berlin" cityscape Rostock business street with pedestrians. "
(82 m) 04 Schwerin: women's volleyball Schwerin - USC Munster 1:3 cheer on viewers with drums and rattles. Game scenes volleyball in ZL. Game on the network, impact, defense, fall, pass. Audience light lighting candles. Clapping. Referee, great. During the break, the players from bottles drink. New League leaders is Münster. Advertisement: Intersport - Verpoorten - Emperor - contractor home.
(70 m)



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Celebrating 30 Years of the EU Single Market (Jan 1, 1993)

With the onset of 1993 the single market of the European Community (EC) was finally launched.

Four new fundamental freedoms became a reality for all EC member states: free movement of goods, persons, services and capital. All citizens were now free to travel, live, work, study, do business or invest money anywhere in the EC. This meant better training and employment opportunities as well as a wider choice of products and services. By giving EC-based companies a home market of almost 450 million people in total, the single market promoted trade and competition. The most obvious aspect of the new regulations was the abolition of goods controls at the internal borders, so that a large part of the German customs offices at the western borders ceased operation at the end of 1992.

Since the enlargement of the European Union in 2009, the European single market has become the largest single market in the world. 25 per cent of the EU's gross domestic product is generated within its framework, with more than 12 trillion Euros of economic output turned over at last count.

The idea of creating a single European market had already been included in the founding treaty of the European Economic Community at the end of the 1950s. As early as 1968, customs duties were no longer levied within the EC, at the same time common tariffs were applied to imports from third countries. The "White Paper on Completing the Single Market"—a checklist of legislative measures necessary for its realisation-- was presented in 1985. Over the next few years, almost 300 legal acts were ratified and, if necessary, transposed into national law.

The 1987 "Single European Act" finally formed the basis for the completion of the European internal market; it also set December 31, 1992 as a target date for the realisation of fundamental freedoms.

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