Deutschlandspiegel 462/1993 1993


01. the Germans and the 30 1st 1933 sw: review 2nd World War. Gunfire, tanks, Tote, burning houses, crying women, bombs. Concentration camp prisoners behind barbed wire. Debris. The destroyed Reichstag.
Color: The Reichstag today. Young people go up stairs between columns. Pan the German people to the font. Black-red-gold flag blows before the Reichstag. Exhibition. In showcase dolls with uniforms. Teacher goes graphs "Global economic crisis" with students through exhibition. Graphs with photos of the Nazi era: parades, gatherings, seizure of power by the National Socialists.
SW: Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of the Reich with Hitler salute. Torch-light procession through the Brandenburg Gate.
Color: Students interview: "Yes, I would say that the January 30 was now not so the day of the seizure of power, but that's just symbolically stands for this whole process that has grown from just wide before and was then also later completed." sw: great depression 1929 abandoned Workbenches. Unemployed stamp. I man with shield take any work. Street riots. SA marches on. Adolf Hitler quote: "the German people is strong again became - in his spirit! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!"
Color: Student interview: "Yes, the people were fascinated by the power that emanated from Hitler - by his speeches. They were not so much convinced that the content, but only by the force and by the community, which was assumed. And they have, I believe, as their only way out yet seen."
Student interview: "so first Hitler tried really to get the masses behind it. And when he then had behind them, then it is clear then maybe really for most, but because, for many, it was already too late to reverse."
Student interview: "I think many have even thought that he exaggerates and never thought that he can commit really cruel things."
Student interview: "Yes, so I think that was a very important point, he just said that the population for all groups, what they wanted to hear, or what was important to them." For the young people he had created a group feeling, he has eliminated the unemployment, the fact that he just put everything in the armor. As a result, the army was again satisfied. So one has to arise on the other hand, he sent all this made. And as a result were all first satisfied somewhere at the first moment. "And then it's so far that they had such a great power that eventually no one has dared, what to do." sw: workers on the Assembly line. Construction of the Siegfried line, soldiers on motorcycles. Poster: The Reichstag on fire. The Reichstag burns. Book-burning. The swastika is blowing on Trade Union headquarters.
Inmates stand with arms raised at the wall. Storm trooper is Jewish business fights you not buy from Jews. To showcase star. People on trucks before removal.
Color: Student interview: "So, I'd say it was clear almost from the outset first and foremost because it is now well known that Hitler has developed his anti-Semitic theories long before his time." sw: Hitler's voice sounds of people receiver. Adolf Hitler quote: "And I don't think that the opponents, who laughed at the time, also still laugh." Women's concentration. Concentration camp prisoners behind barbed wire color: students interview: "If we resist, however, and are always aware that this danger there is, then we have a chance to fend that off."
Student interview: "So, I think that today can no longer happen because Germany abroad is very interested in, and we are involved in very many alliances."
Student interview: "I think each and every one must have the courage, to open the mouth in small things. And then I also think that one must make clear that foreign, that Germany consists not only of neo-Nazis. We have had the experience in the United States, that only the ' comes across what's going in right direction. "and that the demonstrations, the lights, everything not getting to the public."
Student interview: "Yes, the mouth making up, where something didn't like."
Student interview: "Yes, and as has been said, make getting the mouth."
Marching in Berlin to the 30.1.1993. Young people with candles, demonstration against forgetting. Lights track from East to West through the Brandenburg Gate. Light font never again.
(189 m, 10:00:20 10:07:05) 02 Bonn: School of diplomacy new year's reception. Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker, next to him German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel in greeting the diplomats. Talks. Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "we must use the opportunities for joint action in the world organizations. Germany will constructively engage and contribute."
Clapping. The Rhine, on the shore of Bonn with seconded high-rise. Marketplace. The diplomatic school. Instruction in the French language.
Reuss actuality: "I do not think that the importance of the diplomatic profession lost its importance by information technology. The connections between two countries or between several countries on a multilateral level is just mainly through personal contact and not via computer terminals."
Seminars. Tour of the company. Contacts to attach, s of other countries. Guest from Sierra Leone interview (translation from English): "I think that participation in a training program in Germany improved my prospects to be inserted, in Germany or one of the messages in Europe."
Participant of the Maldives interview (translation from English): "I at this training program the most learned, how you negotiated with various international organisations, including the IMF, World Bank and the EC. It was very important that we have taken German attach, s, because it is they who will join us in the future in our career."
(77 m, 10:07:00 10:09:45) 03. Leipzig fashion at the edge of the road are two young women with mini skirt and overall. Fashion photographer photographed models at Memorial. Beautiful old town houses. Old clock. Fashion workshop East end. Young woman in Studio on sewing machine. Fitting. Bottom font designer fashion East end. 23-year-old fashion designer Silke Wagler releases models for photo-op. Photographer and models on scaffolding. Make-up by Dressman and model. Recordings in the Bavarian railway station. Rails as catwalk.
(58 m, 10:09:40 10:11:50) 04. Cologne: Cologne EC-EV Landshut 6:1 ice hockey Landshut storms. Cologne defense. Viewers filling firing on screen. Counterattack Cologne 1:0 ZL. Viewers turn rattles. Game scenes. Players on the bench. Struggle with the PUK. Goalkeeper defense. Shot at the misses. Flags are waved. Fall. Bulli. Cologne plays consider and increases in the 2nd third on 3:1 body check. Both players collapse. Flags. Total viewers. Shot on goal. Landshut goalkeeper resigned in front of goal.
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