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01. What do think the Germans - Institute for Demoscopy in Allensbach pedestrian image filling. People are interviewed: what hopes or fears the Germans for 1993 have? Sound bites: "I hope easily, that we all learn a little bit more humanity."
"... that the politicians first and foremost get together." "... that it is also peace in Yugoslavia, that it finally stop this senseless murder."
Institute for Demoscopy in Allensbach. Files on shelves. Meeting for survey flashcards interviewer Klaus Lister asks: entrepreneur interview: "for 1993? -In and of itself I see as positive. The European single market coming at us, and our crafting system is very good, we will be there certainly." DELF Ness interview: "I don't have fears, on the contrary, I am looking forward to 1993, because just as it is important that we do what young people for the fame of Germany from abroad."
Susanne Serowiecki quote: "I wish me, that we do more for the environment next year."
Survey results. Female Noelle_Neumann interview: 'the question in advance shows how the economic climate will be in the coming year. It's just the big weird, almost mysterious on the question, which is also internationally recognized as a mysterious note that the population has a nose for the future."
Asylum seekers snake, Lüneburg Heath. Construction housing. Employment Office with corridors full of people, industry in the new Länder, Bundestag session, newspaper kiosk, people on the street.
(86 m) 02. Beate Weber, Mayor of Heidelberg Heidelberg Castle. Beate Weber opened painting exhibition in the Castle original sound: "... our responsibility to try to provide a direct approach, somewhere with natural and normal life in the cities is because Yes, actually not more than normal life call what is happening in the densely populated areas."
Townscape of Heidelberg. Beate Weber in her Office at the desk. Street Festival. Beate Weber in conversation with citizens. Child turns at the wheel. City images. Tourist guide. Beate Weber interview: "so first of all tourists for us are actually what rants as guests because you learn too of them, and they learn from us. However care has to of course as city, that they we not overrun that we suffer and consequently lose their attractiveness. This means that we need to see that we lead guests to stay really, actually to enjoy the city."
Tourists get off bus. Main street. Town Hall meeting. Model of a new residential area.
(60 m) 03 Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany: innovation in the pulp maker press prints. Newspaper printing. Huge paper roll. Manufacture of pulp for paper. Commissioning of a large plant for pulp production in Kelheim. The 60 m high boiler. Woodchips as raw material on tape.
Cellulose fibre is thrown from the raw material. Lab recording. The pulp after the drying and bleaching. The waste water is largely used as energy. Sulphur free manufacture of paper. Man tearing up thick sheet.
(62 m) 04. Günter Grass - 65 years of Günter Grass, tall, signed his book "A progress report". Close-up with a pipe. Exhibition of his work in the Berlin art gallery. Sculpture "Girl", "The big chicken", the "flat fish" as anticipation of the "butt", "Scarecrow", different designs for "The Tin drum". Günter Grass actuality: "this girl there who have I - second or early third semester they finished - in Düsseldorf made. The "Dicke Huhn", that originated in Berlin with Karl Hartung. Also this deformed and unformed plate "flat fish" is an anticipation of the "butt". There are also the scarecrows, which then later play a role in the novel "Dog years". And here the different designs for the "Tin drum"; This is the original at the end."
"The Tin drum" designs. Book "Prophecies", "The Rättin". Drawings.
(56 m) 05 avenues in Mecklenburg Vorpommern Avenue with trees, cyclist. Fields and River next to Avenue. Driving record. Renewal of roads, the Kopfsteinpflasters. Arborist protect the trees. The Sun is reflected through the leaves of the trees. Bell Tower at the end of the road. Car wrecks on the road edge and wooden cross for accident victims. Car traffic. Allegory in the evening sun.
(50 m) 06. Frankfurt / Oder: Boxer Henry Maske, Olympic, European and world champion Henry Maske in training on the bag with weights, jumping rope, with coach Manfred cloud. Training battle. Watching videos. Henry Maske with wife Manuela and 2-year daughter Lina. Walk with family in newly built settlement in Frankfurt / Oder.
Manuela Maske interview: "I have of course before every fight fear - fear of scary. Am very nervous, but I stand by him, to his sport. He means me lot, and he has rewarded me scary for every minute of fear."
Boxing in Berlin Germany Hall against the colored Americans Frankie Minton. Henry Maske before the fight interview: "we have two different fighting styles with security. And I think I'm tough enough to impose my fighting style to him."
Boxing match. Henry Maske fight superior. In the 2. Round goes Frankie Minton to the ground and will be counted. A spectator, large. Henry Maske victorious in the ring.
(63 m)



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