Deutschlandspiegel 459/1992 1992


01 10 years Chancellor Helmut Kohl Düsseldorf: CDU Party Congress. Applause for Helmut Kohl. Close-up: Rita Süssmuth and van Velzen. Helmut Kohl interview: "we say yes to the nation and we say yes to Europe. We remain firmly rooted in our regions, and we remain in this Europe of Germans, Italians and French, but we live in a common Europe."
Review: 1982: the Bundestag vote speaks out against Helmut Schmidt. His successor is Helmut Kohl. Helmut Schmidt congratulates the new Chancellor. 1984: war graves of Verdun. Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand meet in Verdun for symbolic reconciliation of peoples. Helmut Kohl visits Poland. Embrace with the then Prime Minister, Mazowiecki. 1989: Fall of the wall. Helmut Kohl in Berlin. Cheering people. Meeting in the Caucasus with Gorbachev. Helmut Kohl in Dresden actuality: "it is a difficult road, but it is a good way, it is about our common future. Our House must be installed under a European House. That must be the aim of our policy." Data: Reunification of Germany. Helmut Kohl in Berlin. Jubilation. 1992: Economic Summit in Munich. Helmut Kohl and George Bush and the British Prime Minister major. Final declaration Helmut Kohl actuality: "hardly ever, the conditions were so cheap to make a lasting peace, to overcome poverty and to preserve the environment."
Group photo of the participants. Düsseldorf: CDU Party Congress. The delegates clap including Ms. Bergmann Pohl, Biedenkopf, Habermann, Hancock, Mrs Merkel, Fischer for their old and new Chairman.
(109 m) 02. Tübingen: beginning of semester cityscape of Tübingen. The old town. Students in the hallways of the University, Frank Vöhringer in his room at the desk. He leaves the House, take the bicycle to school. Students enter into the seminar list. Crowded Lecture Hall. Food in the cafeteria. Frank Vöhringer plays table tennis with Iranian friend and sings in rock band. Stroll with girlfriend Michaela. Look at Tübingen.
(66 m) 03 Germany wine vineyards in the Rhine Palatinate. Grape harvest. Winery owner Dr. Bettina Burklin-Wolf at harvest and in testing the sugar content of the grapes. Cellar with stored wine barrels. Wine tasting is included.
(40 m) 04. Dresdner Kreuzchor the boys of the boarding school of the cross school to wake up in the morning. Wash lessons and choir practice. Football game. Practicing at the piano. Singing with teacher at the piano. The boys get dressed prior to performance. Vespers in the Church of the cross. Choir sings works by Johann Sebastian Bach.
(79 m) 05. Berlin: State funeral for Willy Brandt Bild by Willy Brandt, great. Funeral service in the Reichstag in Berlin. Laid out covered the coffin with a German flag. Arrival of Richard von Weizsäcker with widow Brigitte Brandt. Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "a great life is completed. He has shaped an era. He was a reconciler of Germans with itself. He has changed the relationship of the Germans to the world such as the relationship of the world to Germany. He has become a historical figure of our century."
Review: 1957: close-up of Willy Brandt. He is Mayor of Berlin. Willy Brandt at the desk original sound: "... to participate, that Germany is one again and Berlin can again assume its role as the capital city of the Germans."
John F. Kennedy in Berlin, Willy Brandt cheered next to him: Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "and so, what rarely there, was a pragmatic visionary. He responded quietly and in the heart of sovereign."
Willy Brandt in addition to Foreign Minister Walter Scheel. Walter Scheel o-ton: "the strange combination of warmth, recognizable, and distance. When he greeted, he gave you the hand with a firm handshake, but stretched out his arm and saw them then very kindly to."
1969 – Willy Brandt in Moscow. Meetings with Brezhnev and Kosygin. Visit to the GDR. Acclaimed in Erfurt. Visit to Warsaw and genuflection in the former Warsaw ghetto. Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to him.
Funeral service in the Reichstag in Berlin. It speaks Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzales o-ton: "Adios amigo Willy".
Bundeswehr officers carrying the coffin. 15s lowers the flag. Brigitte Brandt on the side of Richard von Weizsäcker before the steps of the Reichstag.
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