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01 season on Rügen white chalk cliffs of Rügen. Beach. Easy to make waves on the beach. Holiday-makers, men and women see through binoculars. Boat on the sea. Forests. Paintings by Caspar David Friedrich's Rügen. Map of Germany with Rügen. Long shot. Beach chairs on the beach. Hotels on the beach promenade. Residenzstädtchen Putbus with Castle Park. Road with trees Chaussee. The island railway "Orlando Furioso". Neighbouring island of Hiddensee. Excursion steamer. Fischer sold smoked eels and herrings. Fishermen's houses. Pair of costumes. Wild geese flying in the sky. Sunset on the sea.
(66 m) 02 German aid for war refugees from Bosnia station Osnabrück. Train with refugees from Bosnia. The refugees after disembarking on the platform. Faces, tired, drawn. Refugees at long tables in reception centres. Red Cross volunteers in action. Refugees as a guest at a German Müller family. Mustafa Musabegovic and his wife Nevseta and the 13jährige son of Hannah at the table by the Müller family. Tracey Müller interview: "We have decided to record a family, because we believe that in this case should do this living room available - anyone who has free capacity."
The refugees in her room. Mustafa Musabegovic actuality: "Yes, Germany just fine, but I must return to my home, my city, but I know when that war is not finished yet."
(68 m) 03 Hamburg: John Neumeier's Ballet School Hamburg State Opera with neon. The State Opera Ballet dancing. Ballet School in which Klaus Groth road. Veglia in training. John Neumeier, great. Training on rod. Boarding school. Young from Korea o-ton: "I like John Neumeier." John Neumeier recorded interview: "if we take the very small children who have actually no education, whether they have a talent for dance, that is to say, when they hear music, or if you have an idea that should be represented in motion, they can do that, they have the ability to improvise."
Small children during the training.
"It is not a profession, which you simply can take on an osmosis of kind of, if I train for eight years, at the end I'm stamped dancers." I must want it, that is, the will to dance must be very strong."
Motion studies of the dancers in ZL.
(69 m) 04. Security in air transport Airbus in Hamburg air shipyard overhauls (big overhaul all 5-6 years). Aqua Strip with a high-pressure water jet. Damage can be detected only after removal of the paint. Inner renewal. Removal of the wall and the floor. Engine overhaul. Turbine will be inspected with the borescope. Grinding of engine blades. Check the on-board electronics. Launch of Lufthansa Airbus.
(57 m) 05. Handel City Hall city image Hall. Play on organ, on which Handel played his own compositions. Birthplace of George Frideric Handel (1685). Monument of George Frideric Handel. The Cathedral. Restoration. Notes. The Cathedral pulpit. In the Cathedral Choir sings the oratorio "Samson" at the Handel Festival.
(59 m) 06. Berlin: Stadium-fest 110 m hurdles: start and run, partly ZL again. Long jump women: Heike Drechsler is winner ZL. Long jump men: Mike Powell, big wins with 8.57 m ZL. 200 m run men: Carl Lewis, big, is only 3. pole vault: Swergej Bubka jumps over 6 m and WINS ZL. Pulls the rod at 6.13 m (57 m)



Fluggerät ; Musikfestspiele ; Flüchtlingsauffanglager ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Sport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 457/1992

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