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01 "Elbe Day" in Torgau, Torgau with Schloß Hartenfels. Elbkahn on the Elbe. Elbe bridge. SW review 1945: Torgauer bridge American and Soviet troops meet shortly before the war ended. Embrace. Poster: East meets West - shattered swastika. Color: war veterans and young soldiers meet in Torgau in memory on the bridge, Russians and Americans. "Elbe Day" becomes an international meeting. People on the banks of the Elbe. Talks.
(44 m) 02 Quedlingburg town image Quedlingburg in Saxony Anhalt. Timber-frame houses with decorated facades. Narrow streets. Sometimes noisy needy homes. Visitors group is led by city guide o-ton: "in Quedlingburg six centuries can be seen timber-frame building. Accordingly, we have the oldest timber-framed building of in Central Europe, stand construction, which we now find ourselves here, too. The House was inhabited until 22 years ago, when it took over the monument preservation, and it has been extensively renovated it." Old timber-framed house with beautiful ornaments. Coat-of-arms. Course over cobbled streets to the Schloßberg with the Royal Palace. Mural of King Heinrich I City Guide o-ton: "King Heinrich I - he lived at the beginning of the 10th century - was the first monarch who United all German tribes under a sceptre. He has stayed on here very much in Quedlingburg. He is honored today as the founder of the German nation and the German Reich." The collegiate church with ornate embellishments. (Quedlingburger Cathedral treasure is returned from America.)
(62 m) 03 French investments in the new Bundeslädern Leipziger Messe. Visitors. Hagenow: Former State Enterprise "Milk works" is purchased from French companies. People clap. Operation recording. Production of yoghurt. Investor established modern cheese plant. New products will be distributed together with French flags. Rathenow/Brandenburg: French entrepreneurs established branch plants for production of spectacle lenses. Factory recordings. French economist Erik Veaux actuality: "when one speaks of the last few years, it must remember that France the first economic partner of the Federal Republic and was also the first of the GDR." It is quite natural that after the turn of the French companies very much have committed."
(61 m) 04 airships from Mühlheim - air shipyard Mülheim the bug, the rear tail, drive, passenger gondola. Small airship flies. Engineer on drawing board. Skin rubber coated plastic is laid out. Sw review: landing the Zeppelin the cheers of the people. Color: bride and groom climbing small airship. Pilot on cockpit. Balloon. The airship advertising Fuji. Landing.
(66 m) 05. Hamburg: port pilots landing bridges. Ships on the Elbe. Traffic operations center. Hull, large with ladder. Pilot goes aboard the freighter. Welcome to bridge. Pilot Jürgen Wiese conducted ship to dock. The pilot. Ship appears behind the House, great. Registration of all incoming and outgoing ships. Radar turns. Willi Wölm and Dietrich Petersen pilots go on deck from Greek tanker, located on dry dock. Propeller size. The 345-metre tanker is pushed by tugs in the fairway and the tail forward from the port.
(71 m) 06. football - Bundesliga: Eintracht Frankfurt - VFB Stuttgart 1:1 audience waving flags. Kick-off. Game scenes. Attacks and defense. A minute before half-time, Manfred Kastl beheads a cross the 1:0 for Stuttgart. 2nd half: Nervous game of Frankfurt. Go it alone by Ralf Weber of playing field. To Uwe Bein's flank. In the 58th minute free-kick in the crossbar, margin by Lothar Sippel 1:1 (ZL). Cheers of the spectators. Flags are waved. Shot at the Frankfurter Tor. Ulli Stein claps in the gate.
(65 m)



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