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01 Berlin: Friedrich city Palace dancers go down stairs to training room. Ballet training at the bar. Ballet dancing. Singer, artists. In the painting, stage decor is made. Costumes are sewn. Trainers and dancers in training. Shoe repair shop. Makeup room. Appearance of the ballet with a can-can. Audience clapping. Curtain goes down.
(68 m) 02 airlift in the CIS of winter in Moscow. Queues of people. Black market. Cologne: Loaded by transport aircraft with relief supplies. Is it enough to help? Production sound (translation) question to Professor Menschikow: "we are grateful for this assistance because it is urgently needed, and because she benefit people who are in particular need. That of course is not enough to serve our country. We must be active, even produce." Loading of cartons. Dependent elderly in home groceries. Distribution point. Against coupons, food will be issued. Mrs o (translation) "I wish me, that our country out of this crisis comes out, and that does not help us, but we ourselves. Our country should try to help everyone." The Moscow Office of care Germany. Snow is falling. Passing an analyser at a children's Hospital. Laboratory Director Nelly Owitschkinse speaks interview (translation) "I think that this assistance is very much needed and very much good to us. The medical devices are most useful, because we are a hospital with many disciplines." Sick children in beds. In business, set up by EC, goods will be issued. Buyer snakes. Kremlin.
(84 m) 03. window to Africa - Afrikanologie studies at the University of Bayreuth African works of art. Language course in the Tanzanian national language Swahili. Student in library. Seminar. The Iwalewa-Haus. Student visited the Center for African art. Representation of the semilunar Crescent of the Kola nut. Artwork from wool thread. Bust of Richard Wagner - African head.
(53 m) 04. Berlin: wall recycling Watchtower is canceled and overturning. Parts of the wall be torn down. Wall cemetery in Brandenburg, Germany. Recycling. Crushing by large chunks of the wall and crush until correct size is reached. Chunks of concrete on the conveyor belt. Granulate, which is used for road construction. Road builders for the production of a new asphalt surface.
(39 m) 05 youth creative Fürstenzell, Bavaria: airplane landing. Wheels put on. Aircraft wheel turns with small rubber tabs already prior to mounting. This abrasion will better prevent low and the bursting of a tyre. Invention by two students. Students in work space. Girl shows for the travel baby bottle warmer. Double Gloves for lovers. Cleaning MOP for the corners. Pump spray bottle without fuel. A voice from an open car window calls for energy conservation. A new airbag as part of the safety belt. Alexander Wösner, inventor of the airbag, was awarded the Gold Medal of the United Nations. Medal, great. Children running from the school. Alexander Wösner comes, great.
(61 m) 06. Hamburg: oldest football of world HT 16 hands access to rings. Man pulls himself up. "Why gymnastics?" Girl makes Handstand and discusses head o-ton: "Because it's fun for me, and because many people have said that I am gifted." 10th Anne on the balance beam. Finish with Salto. Man flying rings from the past. Senior sports today. Ludwig Sülter, 85 years, o-ton: "1917 my father brought me here in the Turnerschaft." He said the boy must have finally vibrates and athletic movement. I'm member of the "Hamburger Turnerschaft of 1816" continuously. It has been not only the artistic gymnastics, we practiced also camaraderie, we did hikes, we have come together socially, masquerades celebrated, married. We were eight couples. Unfortunately all died; I am the last, only still a single widow, who is 20 years younger, which remains after." Seniors exercise with rods. Aerobics. Fitness Centre, children's Carnival.
(53 m)



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