Deutschlandspiegel 450/1992 1992


01 foreigners in the Federal Republic Asian child's face, great. German, African and Japanese children play together in the nursery. Turkish and German women cook together in a Duisburg miner colony. Common food. Pedestrians including black Africans, Turks. Greek restaurant. Turkish vegetable stand. Foreign craftsmen. Asian girl on lathe. Nigerian nurse in hospital, speaks interview: "I don't feel the whole xenophobia, what there is at the moment, anyway. At my workplace, I feel very well, my colleagues accept me me like each colleague. The skin color does not questioned newspaper headline ever: brutal attack on foreigners. Hatred. Photos by raiding asylum homes, shattered window panes. Skinheads roam the street. High-rise settlement. Citizens initiative against xenophobia in the Ruhr area. Meeting. Leaflets are distributed. Hamburg: football game FC St Pauli - Galatasaray Istanbul. Turkish music group plays flute and drums. Folklore dance. Writing on gang of the field: against each other playing - together life. Cornelia Schmalz - Jacobsen, the Federal Government Commissioner for foreigners visited residence of Vietnamese in East Berlin. Queues of asylum seekers before switches of the foreigners Office.
(114 m) 02 Indian culture weeks Indians distributed invitations on the road. Doll with Indian garb. Brightly painted faces and costumes. Indian carpets. Caromme board game is played. Painting the faces of Indian dance game. Demonstration of Kathakali dance game narrative game =.
(67 m) 03 Mannheim: Museum of technology and work the Museum of technology and work. Steam railway runs. Assembly station for car bodies. Wooden pedal boat shows, was developed in the 17th century. Stone is lifted. Restoration workshop. Old game clock Phonola is repaired. Abacus dating back to 1770. Throughout the House, craftsmen working on the devices. The paper draw. Large turbines and steam engines. You can see the change of human work.
(68 m) 04 electric Hamburg: man gets out of car, transfer to electric car HH YM 629 and drives off. Black Forest: Electric cars are built in a still a sawmill. Conventional lead-acid battery is 180 km. BMW's Research Department: electrical test model is created. Drawing Board. Check. Sodium-sulfur battery has a range of 250 km. Finished prototype. Charging socket.
(73 m) 05. Bavaria: skiing - freestyle chair lift rider to the slope. Skier in freestyle snow hump and jump with somersaults and flips in the air.
(36 m)



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Deutschlandspiegel 450/1992

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Federal Republic of Germany

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