Deutschlandspiegel 446/1991 1991


01. with the Elbe Steamboat travelling chimney by Elbe Steamboat. Tooting. Smoke rises. Move to hull is named Dresden. Passengers on steamers. Map of river Hamburg to Dresden. Shore leave in Dresden. City images with Semperoper, Zwinger, Castle ruins. Departure. Driving record Elbufer with Elbe villages, meadows, manor houses and castles. Swan.
Paddlers on the Elbe. Captain of the Elbe Steamboat on the bridge. Rugged rocks of the Elbe sandstone mountains. The bastion in the Saxon Switzerland.
(61 m) 02. Hamburg: day of German unity Flag swivel on the City Hall square. Views of the Town Hall from Mönckebergstraße. Stock in at ceremony. It speaks interview Rita Süssmuth: "there are not many happy holidays in the political life of the Germans. Most are dedicated, as of 17 June, which reminded of the abortive uprising of 1953 of mourning and remembrance. On the 3. October we celebrate now, that our long divided people has found its unity in peace and freedom and can live together in a democratic State."
Review: Berlin wall is collapsed. Street Theatre at citizens party. Tents of the partner cities of Marseille and St. Petersburg. Appearance of Russian musicians. Crowd at the Town Hall square. Rock concert with joy Fleming. Fireworks.
(73 m) 03 Berlin: 100 years of human flight - exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof Otto Lilienthal sw review: 1 attempts to fly 100 years ago at Berlin picture Otto Lilienthal color: 1 flying objects and planes exhibition. Drawings and designs. SW review: 1891-1 flight test Otto Lilienthal 25 to 400 m flight apparatus on the ground after fatal crash.
Color: Monument to Otto Lilienthal flies mount Berlin, 1848-1896. Meeting place for Drachensteiger children and sport flyer. SW review: took the brother of Otto Lilienthal, 1931-82 years old - with a birdlike wings object trying to pick off. Color: exhibition images with 1 aircraft. Start jet plane 4 mot. from the bottom.
(55 m) 04 Euregio cassettes in space. Spokesman of the Belgian radio fantasy when broadcast in German language. Landmark on the triangle of Belgium-Germany-Holland. Bruges cityscapes. Youth meeting.
Statement Dutch interview (translation): "we want to bring together different groups. Each has its own culture and its own language, but everyone wants to learn the language of the other."
Statement Deutsche actuality: "I go to now for the second time, with the Euregio, and there are the new contacts that you learn new traditions that have Dutch, the Belgians, the French."
Europe signs. Cross-border commuters in cars. The German Norbert Ziers in the municipality of Aachen, lives in Holland and works in Germany. He organized the youth exchange. In his Office on the phone. Cross-border vocational training. Dutch and German to the metal trades training. Diploma awarded by diploma that is recognised in both countries. Euregio radio spokesman for the announcement of free jobs.
(58 m) 05th Armin Müller steel Armin Müller steel is melted to filming. Film scene: Auction of Meissen porcelain figurine. In the European co-production, Armin Müller steel plays the lovers collector Baron UTZ, offering at auction. Role in Hall of mirrors. Playing mini violin with only one string.
Armin Müller steel production sound, big: "I finished with the study of music, ' 45 after the war. Wanted to just try acting and stayed with her, because I was not very successful. I played all the lovers, which I rather liked and stayed with her, because I wanted to be successful. "And when I wanted to go back to the music, I was already successful, and then I said: now I'm staying another year, another year and from this experiment has become a life."
Drawings in his screenplay, painted in shooting. Scene from "Avalon" a family Chronicle. Armin Müller steel rowing in Hamburg on the Alster in leisure actuality: "as long as I can be on the road, I want a little adventure looking for, want to experiment and want to go courageously to life."
(89 m) 06. Berlin: basketball top Alba Berlin - Bayer Leverkusen 88:84 game in the Sports Hall in Berlin Charlottenburg. Game scenes, partly ZL. Spectators close to half. Basket toss ZL. Attack Leverkusen with American Stars Clinton Wheeler and Kannard Johnson. Playback Berlin. Basket toss. Half time 43:47. breaks meeting. Berlin coach Faruk Kolenovic speaks with the players. Goal throw of Berlin. Faces of the player great, full of concentration. Viewers fails on large kettledrum. Free throw-gate. Advertisement: Gatorade - boss - Fairlight.
(59 m)



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