Deutschlandspiegel 445/1991 1991


01 Science City Ulm building. Man writes on computer. Computer voice speaks: Welcome to the Science City of Ulm. Fresco Albert Einstein tongue stretching out, houses wall, in his native city. Scientists at work. Glass fibre rod in red tank. Dental-laser for pain-free dental treatment. Institute of Traumatology. Construction and testing of artificial joints. Institute of Biophysics. Large microscope. Nerve cell is taken from a leech. Cell (in growth) will be transplanted on microchip. Energy flow of isolated nerve cells is made visible. Institute of artificial intelligence. Computerized models simulate factory of the future. Experiments in laboratory for new radar systems. The Science Park. The round table negotiations. Testing new technologies and recovery of idea of.
(77 m) 02. The return of Frederick of the great Hohenzollern Hechingen in Württemberg. Pastor speaks. The Hohenzollern family with Prince Louis Ferdinand. Transfer of the coffin on a military vehicle of the Bundeswehr. Bundeswehr soldiers stand in the gate trellis. Painting: Friedrich at the flute, Friedreich in conversation with spirit figures of his time, Voltaire. Friedreich and fighting soldiers, drawing: Friedreich of reformer of who created the first rule of law in Germany and introduced education for all. Friedrich on horseback. Displaced move to Prussia. Car with coffin in Potsdam. Storage in Schloß Sanssouci. Burial. Gravestone with flowers. Castle Sanssouci.
(75 m) 03. portrait: the youngest, Claudia Nolte Claudia Nolte member of the Bundestag cycle with friends in Ilmenau, Thuringia. Church of Ilmenau. Claudia Nolte interview: "this church has since the October days 89 to me symbolic. Here in the peace prayers the decision to be politically active, to really engage me, so the times are not reversed grew in me."
Claudia Nolte at her desk in the Office o-ton: "At the beginning of a little heart palpitations, but in the course of work that not striking."
Claudia Nolte is Chairman of the Working Group on women and youth of the CDU/CSU. In the Bundestag on the lectern actuality: "Madam President, ladies and gentlemen! For many women, the profession has become a matter of course. We want to help so working mothers by healthcare provision, so that the decision for the profession precludes the decision for children and vice versa. The interests of children are rarely subject in this House. That should change, if we want our country to be child-friendly. "And it requires much more than needs-based care facilities."
Claudia Nolte visited kindergarten and in their constituency. "I start now, to enter the youth and women's issues and my eyes to keep open for the world, that's maybe later works with foreign policy."
Claudia Nolte in the eating of ice cream with friends. Ilmenau total.
(67 m) 04 Stiftung Warentest of young man when purchasing a bike. Stiftung Warentest tests bicycles. Duration test of the wheels to the test. Magazine test. Berlin Editorial Office of the magazine test. Test of dishwashers, lawnmowers, Chair, mattress.
(54 m) 05. ecological living, ecological building of housing silos to concrete. Loose on housing in the located sheep Brühl in Tübingen. Green yard, natural materials, playground for children. Architect interview: "when we architects got the order to plan this settlement, we had such a vision of a living and life in harmony with nature. This meant for us, healthy houses for planning to carry out an ecological energy concept with use of solar energy with biological materials." Wood Pergola. Bright rooms, courtyard with pond, Sandy playground. Resident interview: "I find this system very successful, and we live very happy here. It is very child-friendly; the children can go out to play, have friends, and even for us adults, it is quite big." Children play in the sand. Children's Festival. Young o-ton: "so I find it very great, because you have many friends quickly, Yes and you can play here nicely." 2. young o-ton: "as below, so a nice source, and fun here just me really, to play."
(65 m) 06 Dresden: football Dynamo Dresden - 1 FC Kaiserslautern 0:1 flags are waved. Kick-off in the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion. Kaiserslautern stormed. Door scenes ZL with goalkeeper Rene Möller. Dresden rushes. Attack is repelled by goalkeeper Gerald Ehrmann. Return. Wolfgang Funkel beheads. Goalkeeper Rene Müller deflects the ball over the goal. In the 37th minute attack Kaiserslautern. Thomas Dooley shot the 1-0 to Kaiserslautern. Cheers of the fans.
2nd half: Dresden rushes, Konter Kaiserslautern. Ehrmann parades. Advertisement: Panasonic - Holsten - Pepsi - Becks (53 m)



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