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01 refugee child Weinendes German aid for Kurdish refugees "Kurdish help". Refugees. Baby is fed artificially. Child with frostbitten feet.
Start a Transall, the Luftwaffe and landing on the Turkish military airport in Batman. Red Cross trucks. Helicopter. Commando. Commander actuality: "... because this border was divided: this western part of the Americans, in the Middle the Germans, from here to the East, United Kingdom and France."
Overflying of Turkish Iraqi Grenzgebirges helicopter. Fly over the tents of the refugee camps. Helicopter lands. Goods will be discharged and passed in a human chain.
Refugees talk interview (translation): "we know that much of the aid from America, Britain, Germany and France. We are very grateful for that."
"Thank you very for your people and your Government for this human gesture."
Women wash clothes in the river. Tent city is rebuilt. Helper interview: "We are of Maltese assistance, have the task to provide this camp with good drinking water with a 10,000 liter of beverage processing plant here."
"We have the task here to secure the helicopter landing zones, to keep the people and to build the tent city with."
Health care is the biggest problem. Babies with severe burns. Long queue of waiting.
Elisabeth Jahndel of the Red Cross interview: "the first impression in camp 1 and two days later in a side Valley, that was totally not: many seriously ill children, adults, poor hygienic conditions, many surgical injuries, severe burns, and the people there were very poorly supplied." We have been working there three days, and that was probably the worst impression. Now after 14 days, a hospital is built here, the camp here is now better, there's a water supply, medical care works. I think the whole thing is now on the road of to recovery."
(116 m) 02 case towers Bremen steeples. The high drop tower with tip for experiments in zero gravity. Test rooms. Candle flame is around. Drops of orange juice deforms. Tests are carried out in capsule. Capsule is pulled into the top of the Tower, the Tower creates a vacuum, capsule crashes into brake chamber. Video records of the case.
(70 m) 03 Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker in Thuringia, Erfurt's cityscape. Marketplace with timber-frame houses. Tram runs. Von Weizsäcker at the tour through Erfurt, shakes the hands of citizens. Scrum. People on Windows. Von Weizsäcker visited precious altars and crucifixes from the 14th century. Von Weizsäcker in conversation with German entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur interview: "that here in Thuringia something moves, but that there are very serious problems, that here investment of enormous magnitude are required - in the industry as well as in trade, and that it applies primarily to make the local products again marketable."
Chimneys, industrial buildings.
Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "It's like, that we have to cope with a mountain of difficulties at the time, that we are really positive, long-term prospects in the clear, and we must move forward from this mountain of difficulties to these prospects now, and can move forward."
Market day in Erfurt. People interview: "at the beginning, we have had a little problems, but now we have now is working, etc."
"I hope that sometime better times are coming, that people can have more money and also give out. At the moment it looks a bit cloudy."
"I was always an optimist, and I'm staying. It continues - I let there actually get me."
Cityscape Erfurt Cathedral.
(78 m) 04 Babelsberg: prop fundus DEFA heads in plaster and others of Stalin, Marx and Engels. Requisitenkammer with tableware, pewter spoons, stamping, Marlene Dietrich as Blue Angel. Scene from the movie 'The break', one of the last large facilities films of DEFA post-war with Götz George and Ulrike Krumbiegel, directed by Frank Beyer. Costumes, fitting and tailoring.
Head o-ton: "With our large collection of film equipment equipment and props from over four decades of production of the DEFA - Studios we have material that is a desirable article for all film designers, producers in Germany and beyond — so Europe -."
(64 m) 05 Hannover: table tennis European League match Jörg Rosskopf and Steffen Fetzner in ZL. Large audiences. Final of the Europa League Jörg Rosskopf plays against Mikael Appelgreen, Sweden, partly ZL. Audience clapping. Jörg Rosskopf WINS. Double Jörg Rosskopf / Steffen Fetzner, partly ZL, win. Rosskopf trophy. Advertisement: Guild light - Zeyko - Holtzmann.
(65 m)



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