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01 Nicole Uphoff - world champion in dressage boots in the Stirrups, great. Close-up of Nicole Uphoff. Nicole Uphoff when riding in terrain with Rembrandt. Medals. Rembrandt in a box. Nicole Uphoff alongside Rembrandt actuality: "I attribute my success to, that we so really everything has paired Horses, riders, and also the coach; as if some thing is wrong, I can imagine, can not open much. I have. a nice way with Remi to work, I always try to get him the fun of the work. I practice all lessons with him so not every day, we go to the area, we ride out on the racetrack, and one notices always him, that he has fun at work, and that is me, the secret of success, think I tell now."
Bandages are wrapped. Nicole Uphoff in the dressage at the Bremen equestrian Festival with a fast trot, Pirouette, flying Gallop changes. Judges table. Audience clapping. Award ceremony.
(61 m) 02. Labour market policy Schwerin: Annette Kujas, Secretary, o-ton: "six years I worked at this company, and rationalization reasons, I've lost my job now. Since November of last year I visit a training course and hope the fact that I later get a new job."
Annette Kujas on the way to the employment office. People sitting in the hallways. Consultant. Retraining to learn modern office technology. Arrival at home. Man opens the door. Welcome the 11jährigen twins. Brittle facade retrimmed individual metal processing. Lothar Kujas exit mode, passes through town. His employment as a lathe operator is at risk due to decline in orders. Lothar Kujas interview: "my greatest desire would be that would be invested heavily here, so that jobs are created, so that our youth - which now grows up - later has a future.
Labor Minister Blüm in session. DM 280,000 to finance job creation are pledged. Sense of initiative. Instructor of a former industrial complex continue training centre in order to keep it out of bankruptcy.
Instructor interview: "our motive was the preservation of the training courses; Thus we have achieved it on their own initiative, that young people have a much greater chance of a job after successful training in the labour market."
Young people in training - plane boards, wiring, paint on houses.
(71 m) 03 rehabilitation of contaminated sites shot about Tulip field and dump of a former factory. Soil samples are taken from the ground. Green Kitty branch. Soil full of pollutants, contaminated water puddles. Exploratory drilling on the site of a demolished coking plant. Laboratory testing of the soil. Detoxification and rehabilitation of soil. Deduction. Sludge is dewatered and detoxifies. Treated water is pumped into the system. Use of detoxified slag to the construction of the railway.
(67 m) 04. Anselm Kiefer Berlin: Anselm Kiefer exhibition in the National Gallery. Modern works. Myths in large format. Various exhibits. Census data should be stored in leaden giant tomes. Cameras monitor. Stuffed snakes, leaden aircraft flying.
At exhibition opening interview on his relationship to the story and his escape in the myth: "there is not even an escape in the myth, because the myth is currently. The myth is a way to understand history to another as the only rational way."
Why prefers pine lead? Anselm Kiefer (close-up) responds press conference interview: "lead is a very interesting material, because it is very ambivalent. It's hard on the one hand, there is some inflexible, rigid, heavy and cumbersome; on the other hand, it is easily malleable, and this ambivalence of the lead is of course a very good material then; a substance that includes already spiritual possibilities in themselves."
(63 m) 05. Munich: the child at the heart of children's Centre for up to 700 disabled children, supported in lessons and play with healthy. Child hangs in turn sack and swing. Game in common room. Lessons: Teacher writes on the Board. Children to read and talk to, employment games. Weekly College, where doctors and therapists share their experiences.
(65 m) 06. David Fascher, Disc Jockey champion David Fascher, two-time Disc Jockey champion at work on the mixing desk, full of movement and action, actuality: "I am disc jockey of the present time; Nowadays working with mixer and tried the plates together mix so together, as if everything like a record sounds, that's the difference. Earlier has one she's presented just - plates."
Walk with his wife and child. Before large right-hand. In disco-load panels purchase. His father and Manager. Dance to disco. Fans interview: "I think he is a very, very good Disc Jockey; so has seen Yes it at the world championships last year, and this year he's going to make probably also very much; He's just really good." "He is in his professional artist."
"Muhammed Ali was a legend, PEL, was a legend and David will remain a legend."
(57 m)



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