Deutschlandspiegel 439/1991 1991


01 Theatre in Germany Hamburg, Germany: "Woyzeck" at the Thalia Theatre, the Thalia Theater. Scene snippets "Woyzeck". Sample scenes from Georg Büchner's absurd piece of end time. Artistic Director Jürgen Flimm for the sample. In the role of "Woyzeck", Tobias Langhoff plays from a well-known family of East Berlin theatre. Sample scenes with Jürgen Flimm.
(76 m) 02 Angela Merkel, Minister for women and youth Angela Merkel gets out of car and entering the Ministry. Shield: Federal Minister for women and youth - the Federal Commissioner for the civil service. Angela Merkel on her desk, as well as her Secretary. Angela Merkel at a reception for women and children of American soldiers who are in the Gulf. Angela Merkel interview: "Let me thank the United states - let me thank you for your commitment to freedom."
Island of Rügen: Angela Merkel visited a kindergarten in Bergen in her constituency. The children sing a song. Meeting. Why now a separate Ministry for women and youth?
Angela Merkel interview: "I think when we talk so much about equality, it is also good to have an independent Ministry of women, where the family is not always the same in the same breath. And also among the young people, we know there's a number of problems that lie outside of the Familiensphäre - in that I like the separation of women and youth."
"It is sometimes so I think of the Indian proverb: the soul is not yet arrived, although the body is already there." It is difficult to cope with, and too little time to process it all. But I'm glad about the political revolution in the GDR. And in this respect I think, would you describe is now also the responsibility and will slowly grow into it."
Children play outside in the snow. Angela Merkel in a talk show. Is it true that you even use the phone?
Angela Merkel interview: "I determined in the evening times alone on the phone went. "And I think it's actually not so bad, if a Minister able to operate even the phone."
(74 m) 03 German development aid: knowledge transfer cityscape Solingen, headquarters of German knives and scissors - industry. Theoretical training at the headquarters for commercial vocational promotion for vocational school teachers from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Practical lessons in workshop. Welding.
Molokwu Chibogwo, Nigeria, o-ton: "I came in the Germany, because I want to get the new technology of Germany, and when I get back to my home, I'm trying to work every day with this learned."
Two year courses. Computer technology is taught.
(55 m) 04 Duisburg: largest inland port in the world container ship is in port. Cargo handling. Free port under construction. Map of the European internal market. Docks. High-bay warehouse for textiles, computer-controlled. Loading of ship containers. Container ship sails.
(49 m) 05. Koblenz: German learning with music, teaching for immigrants according to the method of Lozanow teacher sings melody of Tchaikovsky. Students put head between the arms and hear the language without being active yourself. Exercises on the phone and when shopping. Word retrieval in the throwing of the ball. Role play, everyone must seek a new place.
(66 m) 06. German Championships in the Indoor Hockey finals in Bonn Hardtberg - Hall: fans get Rot-Weiß Köln - Limburger Hockey Club 6:10 and call. Storm on the gate. Shot at the misses. Goal shoot free-kick, pass, Limburg. Audience drumming on plastic containers. Cologne scoring. No chance for the Limburger goalkeeper Michael Knauth. 10 minutes before the end achieved the connection hit Cologne and catching up. Viewers skin on the drum. But then, Limburg expanding the lead. Shots on goal. People cheer and run onto the field. Advertisement: Natural gas - Nesfit - Küppers Kölsch (69 m)



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