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01 music production - music for the eye - victory rock band car on country road. Rock band goes. Doors are closed. Turning dance Café. Musicians of the rock band victory come and play "Rock ' n' roll kids forever" Director Rainer Thieding o-ton: "We go with our video clips away from hectic cut collages to small films with content and action."
Monitor images. Palm trees. Beach. Turning in cafe with light effects, artificial fog, and songs. Rainer Thieding walk with 2 Bernese Senn dogs. He is working on a screenplay on the Alster. Elderly people dance in Cafe after the music "Rock ' n' roll kids forever."
(65 m) 02. Hamburg: aid for the Soviet Union package tent on the City Hall square. People install packages for partner city Leningrad. Calling on television helping Russia. Teenagers Pack packages. Student statements actuality: girl: "I think that important, because the people who are hungry, get something to eat, and therefore I. I helped to get the packages."
Boy: "I think that the Germans have done enough the Leningradern in its history, and that we now - should start after the end of the cold war--to help the Russian people."
Girl: "Leningrad is a sister city of Hamburg, and I think it is also right that we send out what - so, we have all generously and who have nothing, or almost nothing at all say."
Heart on package. Red Cross during the loading. Container is loaded onto the ship.
(56 m) 03 Berlin: laser medical centre the building of the Centre. Scientists are working on bodies of dead animals with laser. Removal of cancer from a beef stomach. Treatment of heart rhythm disorders of the heart, shown on model. Doctor speaks o-ton: "this approach used later for the treatment of rhythm disorders patients. We want to help off the stove, the rhythm disturbances are formed, thus."
Laser surgery on diseased animal. Open heart surgery.
(59 m) 04. GTZ (Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit) solar - and wind energy projects in Latin America and Africa Highlands of Peru. Indigenous people and their homes with solar panels on the roofs. Electric light used in homes. Jordan: Solar panels and water heaters are designed for a dairy. Solar roof. Solar energy promotes vital water in the Jordanian desert. Camels drink. Elsewhere, turns large wind turbine and drives submersible pump.
(63 m) 05 Manfred Kage - science photography Schloß Weißenstein in southern of Germany, headquarters of the Institute for scientific photography. Manfred Kage considered photo window. Working space. Manfred Kage and staff. Manfred Kage makes visible the invisible microcosm of the microscope. Microscope images of full of colours. The growth of crystals. Endoscope camera for trick shots. Micro water teeming with life. Visualization through complicated dyeing and preparation methods possible. Paramecia under the microscope.
(67 m) 06. Hamburg: football German Bundesliga: 1. FC. St. Pauli - Borussia Dortmund 0:2 fans bring flags, with painted faces. Coach Schulte receives flowers. Viewers with colorful braided beard. Running of the teams. Flags are waved. Game scenes. St. Pauli stormed. ZL recordings. Calls: St. Pauli! St. Pauli! Michael Rummenigge shoots in counterattack on the crossbar. 2nd half: goal scenes ZL. Audience clapping. Dortmund plays to consider. Michael Lusch 1-0 for Dortmund shoots in the 70th minute. Serious audience faces. Battle for the ball of ZL - feet tall. Dortmund storms. According to coverage error Jürgen Wegmann that shoots 2-0 for Dortmund. Advertisement: Deutscher ring - Panasonic Atari - Hitachi - morning post.
(66 m)



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