Deutschlandspiegel 435/1990 1990


01-Hambach Festival Hambach Castle. Youth from Europe in the Castle. Motto: The youth builds Europe the House.
At the lectern of Pierre Pflimlin. Member of the European Parliament o-ton: "I hope that you have the opportunity to participate in this historical task of in the Hambach Castle dreamed in 1832: a whole, peaceful, democratic Europe!"
Engraving of the Hambach castle dating back to 1832. Youth at the dance. Dance Workshop. Surveys 4 girls, what they expect from Europe interview: girl from Holland actuality: "so, only times that the friendships with the other countries of the European Community become stronger, that you better learn the cultures."
Girls from Poland actuality: "And I hope that you will be able to come to Poland, because I would like to show you my country, my tradition and people - because my country is very beautiful." Translation: "I hope many people can come to Poland, so I mean you can - show country, my people and my tradition because Poland is a very beautiful country."
Girl from France actuality: "I hope, more jobs allows the Europe. And though we are easier to work in a foreign country and also live."
Girl from Germany interview: "I think it's more important that the Eastern countries are the same at Western, and that the United Europe then developing countries, so in Europe are not, which will help that."
Young people in media Cafe make own radio program. Young people plant lime tree as a symbol of a free and United Europe.
(73 m) 02 parliamentary elections on the example of Saxony Dresden cityscape. Map of the German States. Election posters with Anke Fuchs, Genscher. Market. SPD poster.
Kurt Biedenkopf actuality: "that I don't have to explain the Saxons. You were always a very independent people and are happy that they again have a land of Saxony."
"What will be the strength of Saxony as a State?" "Its industrial heritage, its superb technical workforce, his really excellent trade and the very fruitful connection between industry, trade and culture - that is, between the economic landscape and cultural landscape."
Kurt Biedenkopf in plant production sound: "we will overcome the damage and wounds of the past, and we will work all, and all want to join, again lead the country to a prosperous country."
National Parliament building. Polling station. Graphic of the Wahlergebenisses.
Anke Fuchs interview: "it is the consolation we have, and I think it's a basis. And that was also the purpose of my mission here... "Kurt Biedenkopf and wife. Elbe bridge, cityscape, Elbe Steamboat.
(79 m) 03 art city Weimar city pictures. Monument to Schiller-Goethe. National Theatre. Meeting of artists from all over Europe. Goethe House. Painting of Goethe. Study room, library, Garden House, where Goethe wrote Faust. Performance of Faust. Visitors in the gallery.
(60 m) 04 VW - recycling cars in traffic. Car scrap yard. New recycling process is in Leer / Ostfriesland started. Scrap cars are disassembled with hand. Dangerous liquids and waste oils and acids are released and absorbed. Sheet metal body is crushed. Plastics are separated according to the type of fabric and used again.
VW - Wolfsburg. Car production. Processing of recycling material. Fine-grain crumb old plastics hose is cast, a new tank is blown. Robots in use. Fully automated production.
(80 m) 05. Berlin: evening Sports Festival international evening Sports Festival at the Olympic Stadium. Pole vault ZL. Latte is torn.
100 m race women: Katrin Krabbe big. Start and run ZL. Clear ahead of Merlene Ottey wins 10,82 before Katrin Krabbe from Jamaica. 110 m hurdles men: partly ZL shots from the front. 3 US sprinters win.
Long jump women: Heike Drechsler, big, 01 m high jump WINS with 7, men's: winner Carlo Thränhardt.
High jump women: champion Heike Henkel, the crossbar at 2, 01 m rips.
10,000 m: race: Arturo Barrios, Mexico, holder of the world record WINS and runs new year best time in heavy rain. Pole vault: ZL studies.
(78 m)



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