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01-external aspects of German unity EC driving Special Summit in Dublin the 2 + 4 Conference in Bonn double-decker bus around Dublin. City images. Map of EC with Germany. Arrival politician. Car ride. Mitterrand gets out of car. Arrival of Kohl and Genscher. EC flag. Helmut Kohl before the press interview: "I tell you that everyone in the EC will have a considerable advantage of the German unification process. From what is happening now in the GDR on investment and what is commercially and economically in this context, a considerable push for overall development in Germany and of course also in the European Community shall come forth."
Cameramen. Group Portrait of the politician of the Special Summit in Dublin.
Meeting of Foreign Ministers in Bonn. Genscher in addition to GDR Foreign Minister Markus Meckel. 2 + 4 talks. Shevardnadze, US Secretary of State Baker, Foreign Minister Hurd, United Kingdom. Roland Dumas, France Press Conference: Shevardnadze actuality. Baker o-ton: "in helping Germany achieve freedom and unity I believe all the states and people of Europe can be winners and that should be our aim in these talks."
Genscher actuality: "for us Germans is an emotional day. We want that the Association of Germans becomes a contribution to stability in all of Europe. For this to work the European vocation of the Germans, committed to the policy of responsibility instead of the power politics of the past."
Group picture of the Foreign Minister.
(105 m) 02. domestic aspects of German unity wall demolition Brandenburg Gate Government Declaration of Lothar de Maiziere treaty over monetary union elections in the GDR the Berlin wall falls at the Brandenburg Gate. Working at night. Looking East Berlin through the Brandenburg Gate. Repair scaffolding around the Brandenburg Gate.
Session of the people's Chamber. Close-up of Thierse, SPD. Government Declaration of Lothar de Maiziere actuality: "the election, from which this Parliament were elections of the people. The people in the GDR was constituted as a part of a people, as part of a German people that you want to grow together again. Our voters have expressed clearly that their political will, in the elections of March 18, 1990. This will commit us." Negotiations for the Treaty between the two German States.
Local elections in the GDR. Schwerin. Election posters. Polling station. DOM. PIA Madelaine Garitz, top candidate of the CDU in Schwerin, go to the election. Cityscape Schwerin. Schwerin theatre.
(74 m) 03. The brothers Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein, Oscar - winners interview with Wolfgang Lauenstein for its film film students balance.
"Balance is our 4th film. There is a theme that runs through all our films, and that is the single bound being in certain mechanisms."
"The Oscar is a popular, well marketed price, which certainly also going to help me for the future."
Scenes of the animation film - the dark vision of a world in which the human community is destroyed by selfishness."
(52 m) 04. opening of a construction market in the GDR - Bahr-Baumarkt in Dresden Dresden's cityscape. Restauerierter kennel. Ruins of the Church of our Lady. Dilapidated houses. DIY Bahr. People with shopping carts. Shopping. Interviews with buyers. Scaffolding on houses. Painter paints window.
(61 m) 05. Claudio Abbado and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic Hall. Claudio Abbado conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at rehearsal of Beethoven's 7th Symphony, succeeding Herbert von Karajan.
"What has attracted the most you, to work with the Berlin Philharmonic together?" It is a great pleasure for me of course. This is the best Orchestra in the world, with a tradition of old, big, and it was always really very nice this together playing music with the Berlin Philharmonic,."
(95 m)



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