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01 40. International Film Festival Berlin Kurfürstendamm at night. Berlin Film Festival from 1951 - sw review: Jean Marais as a guest in Berlin. O. W. Fischer, Eddie Constantine sings, dances Grete Weiser, Gina Lollobrigida. 1990 color: Mayor Momper as a guest. Uniform of the GDR border as unusual souvenir. Stars showcase their films in the eastern part of the city, such as Martin Landau. Starring Woody Allen in "Crimes and misdemeanors". Film clip. Martin Landau on stage by movie theaters after the presentation. Exhibition forbidden movies from Eastern European countries. Filmmakers from East and West. The East Berlin Director Heiner Carow receives the silver bear for his film "Coming Out". Heiner Carow actuality: "Thank you for the great experience, and for that we so close now back together in Berlin."
Golden bear for the American production of "Music Box". Clip Berlin. Memorial Church.
(127 m) 02. Europe and new media - Hamburg: Exhibition "online 90" satellite screens. EC 1992 map flags. Eureka high technologies of telecommunications. Planning a single television standard in Europe. Exhibitors of Siemens, Philips. HDTV television of the future on the big screen. Cable and satellite television channel 3 SAT, SAT 1-mixer, monitors.
(53 m) 03 Bonn: cityscape Bonn meeting Helmut Kohl and Hans Modrow. Flags of the Federal Republic and the GDR. Kohl and Modrow at meetings and Conference. Kohl between Seiters and Waigel. From press conference Hans Modrow actuality: "everyone may really stay in his ancestral homeland, all have a perspective, all have their chance."
Helmut Kohl interview: "the unit of Germany's embedded require in the Pan-European architecture and the overall process of East-West relations. Because no one has a greater interest than we Germans themselves. It comes to a great joint work in our country so far split, it's about a peaceful future for a free and United Europe. It's about the German and European contribution to world peace."
(49 m) 04. solar energy in the vineyards of Sonnenkugel images. Grapes in the vineyard image filling. Wine village Kobern on the Moselle river. The largest solar power plant in Europe with 300,000 silicon solar cells. Animated representation of energy production. Transformers. Conversion of solar energy into electricity. (Bavaria)
(68 m) 05 Hannover: Karate Championships karate fighters, and accused ZL. Invasion of the teams. Relaxation exercises and meditation. Exhibition match with head coach Hideo Ochi. Women fight. Winner Ruth Hahn Federal Republic of Germany.
(64 m)



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Deutschlandspiegel 427/1990

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