Deutschlandspiegel 410/1988 1988


01 ISPO Munich - international sporting goods fair Röhnradfahren. Tennis fashion show for men and women. Exhibition Hall. Sports shoes at booth. Canoes. Fitness clothing. Exercise bike. China sporting goods. Footballs. Skateboards. Bike touring equipment. Tent. Feet appear pedals. Young woman on bike stand. Girl with surfboards. Poster surfing. Surfers on dry surfboard falls in foam rubber tub.

02. Berlin: IMF Congress - world monetary Conference international flags. Congress Centrum Berlin. Willkommmensgrüße printed on bank notes: Berliner Bank - Welcome the bank of the world Bienvenue - Welcome - welcome. Delegation, registration. Press rooms. Font in Conference Room: escaping the school thinking giant - Foundation development and peace. There are Development Minister Hans Klein. Willy Brandt's talks o-ton: "maybe we should just German mind - we elders have greater awareness than the re-growth - that we in 1953 are been treated well with the London debt agreement."
Close-up of listeners. Moeen Qureshi (developing country), Michel Camdessus, Director of the International Monetary Fund, Klaus Biedenkopf.
Against Congress in the Technical University. Transparent: Cancel debts but immediately. Listeners sometimes sitting on the floor. Debt woes - undeserved misery. Socialist world punk against IMF and World Bank. Speakers.
Finance Minister Gerhard Stoltenberg as well as the Director of the International Monetary Fund Michel Camdessu. Close-up of Mr. Tietmeyer. Stoltenberg. Handshake with Camdessu. On escalator representatives from sub-Saharan Africa. At table the representatives of the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan. Total Conference Hall. Pan across participants. At lectern Helmut Kohl interview: "the wealth in which we live, committed to help effectively. It involves more justice quite simply put a piece. Because justice is the future."
Close up of African listeners. Congress Centrum with road transport.

03. ferries of old windjammer Passat and lighthouse at the harbour front of Travemünde. Ferry at entrance. Bow of the ship, large, duchschneidet the water. Transgermania. Cars on the deck of ferry Peter Pan. Rope is placed around bollards. At Skandinavienkai, cars from the ship. Container crane. Containers are unloaded and departed. Ferry Malmö-Travemünde. Trucks drive on board. Tractors, passenger cars. Ferry of TT-Line Hardisty.

04. 75 years "The German sports badge" cyclist at the start for 20 km ride. Legs step pedals. Exercises on the sports field. The German sports badge. Man in shot put. Measure. 3 women in Marathon. Long jump. Men in long distance running. Older cyclists. Timer with stop-watch. Entry in performance book.

05. Rock spectacle in Hamburg quiet streets early in the morning. Street Sweeper sweeps the City Hall square. Sewer lid is lifted up from the bottom. Guitar is raised from Siel. Speicherstadt in port. Ships, Elbe bridge, TV Tower. Sleeper on Bank discourages high. Rock band in the Freeport. Poster Hall open air. Construction on City Hall square. Pedestrian. Young couple kisses. Laughing young girl, big. The Hamburg group daisy chain's play rock music made in Germany. Great freedom, market Hall, logo.
Appearance of the Soviet performance group Avia. Singer, drummer, blue guitar. Audience clapping. Street Sweeper sweeps together on the City Hall square paper.

06. fascination gliding glider pilots in the sky. CAR pulls the glider on trailer. Hull pulled by trailers. Wings are mounted. Robert Schröder, German Champion in the Standart gliding class in glider, great. Amatur. Start behind a powered aircraft. Free flight. Aerial photographs over village, forests, and fields. Landing on the airfield. Robert Schröder actuality: "there are two things that fascinate me in gliding, and for a the interplay between technology and nature, constantly on the nature to settle down, to get into new situations. And the second is the flying experience, freedom, independence, the feeling of flying alone. This is the fascinating gliding."
Film shots.

07. US story: U.S. Youth Exchange Hamburg: 2 youth teams football matches Glashütte against Bram field. 11 young Americans from California playing for Bram field. Shot on goal. Spectators on the sidelines. Young Americans actuality: "football is not very popular in the United States, but I like this game. It is sports like everyone else."
"And how do you like Germany?"
"Great! Food is good. Another country, very nice."
Boy seen photos with German family on the coffee table. Great host parents.
"Well, the weather." Here it is always raining. In California it never rains."
"Berlin, that was particularly interesting, because of the wall. I wanted to see her always as a young child. The impression would be perhaps even more, if we could visit also East Berlin. Then you can experience even more clearly the opposition."
Great pie. Cold buffet. Pennant is handed over. Image of the football team as a souvenir.


Persons in the Film

Brandt, Willy ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Biedenkopf, Kurt ; Camdessus, Michel ; Klein, Hans ; Qureshi, Moeen ; Tietmeyer ; Schröder, Robert


Berlin ; Fehmarn ; Hamburg ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Stock Exchange ; Trade, finance ; Education, youth ; Football ; Musical events ; Political events ; Shipping ; gliding, flying, free balloon ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Fashion ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 410/1988

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