Deutschlandspiegel 409/1988 1988


01 Europe - partner for the world Berlin: overseas import fair cargo ships. Loading of goods. Poster: 26 overseas import-Messe Berlin. Exhibition Hall. State of Nepal. Richard von Weizsäcker and woman as visitors. Von Weizsäcker speaks with Africans and takes appetizers. Was India, Mongolian front, Hong Kong. Asians with arts and crafts. Textiles. Singapore, Rep of Korea. Young woman in traditional Korean costume. Argentina leather jackets. Peru. Women of the women's Centre o-ton: "the women's Centre first participates in the exhibition in Berlin. We are interested to sell handmade knitwear on the European market."
Knitwear. Mali with fabrics. African Arts and crafts. The test market with trying on and looking at and touching the goods. The Villa Borsig. Federal Development Minister Hans Klein welcomes guests upon arrival. Representatives of the EC and the United Nations with economic ministers from overseas in the round table discussion. Door closes.
(69 m) 02. Hamburg: The first day of school girl child's face big. Children with satchels and abacuses. Mothers. Teacher before class with stuffed animal over the hand. Children paint. Little Japanese girl big. Blond boy, international children's faces. Badge in place. End of school year and leaving the class with waving.
Black white photos of old: children with Schultüte. Girls with curls. Boy sailor suit with giant pretzel. The class. Girls aprons and hair loops.
Color: Boy grabs Schultüte. Close-up of girl portrays impressions of the first school day.
(51 m) 03. From Gutenberg's country old printing press. Old book page. Monument to Johann Gutenberg. Total Offenburg with MAN plant, transformer. Production of printing machines. Large shipping boxes with labels in all over the world. Australia, London, Caracas, Tel Aviv, Paris, PR China. Men work in the production of printing machines. Floating drive factory Hall. Large rollers. Clamping the printing film. Rotary machine is running. Eject the paper. (56 m) 04. The Teufelsmoor bog plants, Moorlanschaft Bremen. Peat boat moves on the water. Man and woman in the peat. Peat bales are set up to dry. Automatic extraction of peat and removal. Evening mood across the Moor. (See D 341, own text)
(54 m) 05. Hamburg: FC St. Pauli - VFB Stuttgart 2-1 the Reeperbahn at night and during the day. People on the Reeperbahn. Wife takes dog. Motorcycle riders. Klöntal outside the front door. The port. Football pitch on the Millerntor. Purchase of tickets. Running of the teams. Spectators wave flags. Game scenes. Stuttgart shoots the 1:0 disappointed viewers. Close-up shots of spectators. Old man, young guy wearing dark glasses. Blonde young woman. Statements from spectators. Viewers swivel white tuft. Game scenes. Andre, Gangar shoots the compensation 1:1 cheers. Shortly before end of Jürgen Gronau the 2: shoots 1. Eike Himmel beaten outside his gate after a short defense. Players run to their fans and push hands. Advertisement: Hitachi, Agfa, Atari, Panasonic, German ring, Hardenberg wheat grain.
(70 m) 06. Berlin City Culture - E88 in Berlin, Gedächtniskirche Church and Kurfürstendamm. Street Theatre with groups from the Netherlands. England and Italy. Art exhibition in the National Gallery with works by Frank Stella, Richard Serra, Jannis Kounellis. Bizarre video sculptures of Korean Nam June Paik. Glass igloo of the Italian artist Mario Merz. White fringed flag over an old train station. Young fashion designers design models exhibition "Timeless" of Harald Szeemann's exhibition maker with objects of modern art (plates, cabinets, bars). Workshop outdoor. Sculptor out of stone sculptures, among them Regina Fleck from the GDR. Moving and dancing in the evening on the water.
(72 m) 07. US: Youth Festival Bayreuth 88 - Wagnerian American teenagers eat at dining tables outdoors. Rest in dormitory on camp beds. 2 tuba wind on bench. Young American received singing lessons. Statement of the American Mary Craig interview: "this is such a wonderful combination of world class artists and the House that Wagner built himself for his operas. The musical quality here is second to none."
Workshop to prepare the leadership of Opera: Bluebeard by Franz Hummel. Stage design is designed. Costumes are designed and sewn. Writing the score.
Franz Hummel recorded interview: "I'm trying to find out why he composed each. I try to help him to find his soul and become the victim of compositional technique."
Indian student quote: "in India, we have no teachers for composition. But I think that is absolutely necessary. In India, it's absolutely dead. That's why I come here."
Orchestra rehearsal room. Young musicians. Conductor. Great violinist. 2 girls sing a Duet. Singer.
(72 m)


Persons in the Film

Weizsäcker von, Richard ; Craig, Mary ; Fleck, Regina ; Gutenberg, Johann ; Hummel, Franz ; Klein, Hans ; Golke, André ; Gronau, Jürgen ; Immel, Eike


Bayreuth ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Island of Fehmarn ; Mainz ; Offenberg


Berlin ; Buchdruck ; Teufelsmoor (Niedersachsen) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Monuments ; Industry ; Children ; development aid ; Education, youth ; Football ; Musical events ; Political events ; Advertising ; Reviews ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Townscapes: Germany ; Cultural events ; Art ; Landscapes ; Technology, industry ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Europa (allgemein; EG) ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 409/1988

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