Deutschlandspiegel 408/1988 1988


01 40 years marching on airlift Berlin - blockade Besatungssoldaten. Propeller aircraft landing in Tempelhof. Military band plays. C 47 plane rolls US in Hall. Inscription: raisin bombers. Men get off and be welcomed. Starting DC 4 black and white archive: Berlin during the blockade. Approach of the "raisin bombers". Unloading sacks. Issue of school meals. Seaplane lands on Wannsee. Plane crash. Boy gives aircraft pilot. Young woman thanks pilot.
Color: Memorial service in Tempelhof.
(59 m) 02 Island Fehmarn ferry runs and creates. Bus leaves the ship, caravans, cars, motorcycle riders. Drive via Fehmarn and bridge. Country road. Sheep graze. Old tree. Ears of corn. Fishing. Houses. Smokehouse. Smoked eels. Man with binoculars. Heron in mud. Ducks, gulls, fishing boats, evening sky. The train bridge.
(58 m) 03 Berlin: motorcycle time (see D 359/6, your own text) drive motor cyclists. Hand, big is gas. Feet on pedal. Helmet. BMW-motorcycle-in Werke in Berlin. Production images of the Assembly. Water-cooled 4-cylinder engine on the test bench. Motorcyclists ride side by side. Ride with Soziusfahrerin. Flash mirror. Motorcycle rider differentiates helm and Associates long hair. Driving with headlights in the traffic in the evening.
(47 m) 04 flax market in Linn - Burg Linn drummer beats on drum. Music Chapel in historical costume. Flax mastiffs of Grudstoff line. Spiders. The fairground. Visitors. Castle Linn. SOAP presses. Knife sharpening. Man big with child. Children paint on meadow. Men beat sculpture made of stone.
05. track laying machines (51 m) (material of the Deutsche Bundesbahn) warning is blown. Train. Man waving banner. Freight train travels slowly and holds. With track-laying machines, emerging on railways be lifted. Roller compression of gravel. New sleepers are laid. Men screw the threshold.
(51 m) 06. Darmstadt: City of Art Nouveau drinking woman as a fountain statue. Mosaics. Artist colony of Mathildenhöhe architects, painters and artists. Sundial. Pan across the House. Ceiling frescoes. Ornate pillars and grille. Art Nouveau houses. Chair, art objects, glass and furniture.
(62 m) 07 skating pair. Runners go to the ice rink. Group running. Trainer. Jumps. Viewers. The youngest, group of 9-10 year olds synchronous. Pair skating. Singles skater. Audience clapping.
Advertising: Coca Cola - water shooters - Fielmann.
(57 m) 08 US teachers in Schleswig-Holstein of the Mayor of Lübeck welcomes the guest interview: "... thank you for that Lübeck has the pleasure to welcome you here. And I hope that the contacts with Schleswig-Holstein can be deepened I wish you here zunächstmal good and nice conversations. Thank you very much."
The Holsten Gate. Aerial view of Lübeck. Glücksburg Castle. US teachers actuality to Glücksburg Castle. Balloon. Teacher visited German relatives in Kiel. Walk through the town. Baltic Sea. Ride in a motorboat across the Baltic Sea. Dark red sky. Beach.
(53 m)



Berlin ; Castle Eltz ; Darmstadt ; Fehmarn ; Glücksburg ; Hamburg ; Island of Fehmarn ; Kiel ; Cologne ; Linn ; Lübeck ; Baltic Sea


Rollschuhlaufen ; Darmstadt ; BMW ; Motorrad ; Deutsche Bundesbahn ; Fehmarn (Ostseeinsel) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; aircraft ; Musical events ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; skating ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Landscapes ; People ; Flachs ; festivals ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Foreigners ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Luftbrücke ; Wirtschaft (Arbeitgeber; Arbeitnehmer; Arbeitskampf; usw. s. Synonyme) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 408/1988

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