Deutschlandspiegel 388/1987 1987


01 Nuremberg: The Postillon lives procession with drummers and historical costumes. Head of Brauereifperden, great. Hans Rettenbacher and Coachman on the box of a replica Stagecoach in the pageant. Hans Rettenbacher blows the post Horn. Drive through rows of people.
Nuclear fire (43 m) 02. - nuclear assistance blue light turns, great. Take the exit for practice use. Clearing man measures radioactivity of air gauge. Exercise of the nuclear helper service in the area. Measurement of the radiation level on the ground. Air measurement. Evaluation in measuring. A robot operated by remote control building in Karlsruhe KHG - Hilfswerk nuclear, GmbH - going up stairs. He can do things inside a nuclear plant of fuel rods without risk to people. Room with modern robots, which were used in Chernobyl. Man in suit on the control unit.
(62 m) 03 Bavarian King Ludwig II. Castle Linderhof in Bavaria, southern Germany. Fountains with high fountain in front of the Castle. Magnificent apartment with a gold sheen. Visitors on guided tour through the Castle. Hall of mirrors, chandeliers.
Game scenes from movie production sound: "If Kings are not like this, there will be soon no more."
Castle Neuschwanstein. Tourists in horse-drawn carriage ride to the Castle. Coat-of-arms. Throne room. Sculpture of a Swan. Herrenchiemsee with cherubs. Structure along the lines of Versailles. Magnificent rooms. Flower pillars. Chandelier. Jagdschloss Schachen. Church service in memory of Louis in front of the castle in mountains.
(86 m) 04. Cologne: sport against attack feet with sneakers run in Hall. Gymnast rotate your shoulders. Men and women feel their pulse. Athletes in exercise after myocardial infarction. Knees on the ground. Lying on the ground. Ball game of attack Sports Group. Doctor monitors training. The Defribrillator, a device that can intervene in case of emergency heart disorders. Jogging around the Hall.
(47 m) 05 West Berlin: Bauhaus Museum Berlin's cityscape. Building of the Bauhaus Museum. Program and designs of the Bauhaus architects (photos) Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Hannes Mayer. House designs. Library of photo books. Paintings of the Bauhaus Artists Feininger, Kandinsky and Klee. Furniture designs, Bauhaus-style seating. Stoves, crockery, Ballet clothes. (see D 305/6, your own text)
(51 m) 06. A day on the Gorch Fock sailor plays piano of Schiffer. Big crank cadets turn up the anchor. The Gorch Fock with full sail on the seven seas. Masts, sails, oars. Ship's Bell is rung. Climbing the shrouds. Sails are set.
The Commander recorded interview: "we are in the last three days daily Mitt??" 250 miles run, i.e. in three days 750 miles."
The cadets in their bunks to sleep.
Boat man with voice sings his message o-ton: "Wachet all people who like to sleep on it" night alarm. Helmsman at the helm actuality: "For me, this is a nice service" sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. Cadets at breakfast. Scrubbing the deck. Cleaning the walls. Sewing on a sewing machine. Theory lessons. Navigation. The galley. Koch touches and speaks o-ton: "our motto here: no one should go without being overweight by Board."
Cadets in the shrouds. Panoramic view from the top of the ship. The sea at sunset.
(82 m) 07 American drama group - theatre company after the theatre company on arrival at Hanover drive from Munich to tour. Driving record from the bus. Setting dragging and stage setup. Make-up. Visitors pour into the Hall in America House. Full room. Performance in the English language. "John Steinbeck: of mice and men" (of mice and men"). Spanking scenes.
(59 m)


Persons in the Film

Ludwig II. von Bayern ; Rettenbacher, Hans


Bavaria ; Hanover ; Jagdschloss Schachen ; Karlsruhe ; Cologne ; Nuremberg ; Rhine ; West Berlin


Pferdefuhrwerk ; Gorch Fock (Segelschulschiff) ; Bauhaus ; Schloss Linderhof (Bayern) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Fire ; Fire Brigade ; filmmaking ; Research ; Medals, awards, honors ; Postal, postal services ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Buildings ; Power plants ; Cultural events ; Medicine ; veterinary medicine ; Astrology ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sport ; 01 16 mm project ; Fire brigade ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 388/1987

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Federal Republic of Germany

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