Deutschlandspiegel 380/1986 1986


01. the Germans help - "3rd world day" in Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Königsallee. Elegant cars and passers-by. Showcase fashion and jewelry. The Hauptgeschäftszeit citizen groups organize a "third world day" with booths and brochures of the emergency in the 3rd world and the Düsseldorf youth band Honey fungus. Older Lady in profile, great. Children painting pictures for sale. Africans in the conversation. Were from the 3rd world are offered. Development assistance for: road construction on the Caribbean island of Haiti. Well construction and well in Mali in Sahel zone desert. Mule and camel drink from fountains.
(61 m) 02. Hamburg: seen from the harbour boat at harbour cruise. Harbor barge Captain actuality to guests of the tour. Barge passes through under the bridge district. Hamburg pennant on the barge, big. Carpets are loaded into memory city. Passing along with Michel, at Blohm and Voss with ships at the docks and container ship from the People's Republic of China.
(58 m) 03. Hannover: Cebit fair servant robots deployed and welcomes the visitors at the exhibition for Office, information and communications technology. Computer with computer images. Sales pitches. Demonstration of a fibre optic. Exhibition stand Nixdorf. Old typewriter and modern word processor. Information is processed and transferred via telephone worldwide.
(52 m) 04 Münster: container for the bottle volumes on cluster environment. Woman throws bottles into collection tank. Truck with inscription charges the tank waste glass for recycling. The tours of the collection vehicles are organized in the Office of the city cleaning. Container for problem cases such as batteries, old car tires, chemical wastes are placed. Professionals sort the waste before it is given to the processing. Chemical wastes be destroyed. Giant bottle mountain landfill, which is processed into new bottles.
(54 m) 05. Munich: Bundeswehr University blowing big German armed forces flag. Building the University of the Bundeswehr. Future officers of the Bundeswehr in Lecture Hall at place of work with physical devices. The homes of students. Work room. Students in the cafeteria. Some cafeteria eaters in uniform. Electrical studies, air and space, computer science. Weekly appeal.
(57 m) 06. Frankfurt: the Städel Museum bust of Johann Friedrich Städel in his Kunsthaus. Picture Gallery of his Foundation.
European painting of five centuries. Medieval altars. Restorers work in workshop. Boticelli painting of a young woman. Rembrandt's triumph of Dalila. Children Viewer, great. Time course before image. Modern and contemporary art.
(56 m) 07 Ratingen/Rheinland: junior European Championships ice hockey training 18-year-old junior with the 14-year-old musicians of the band future. The teams from Finland and Germany on behalf of all 8 teams are received in the Town Hall. Visit a computer plant.
Game Germany Switzerland 9:2. Fans cheer. Game scenes. Junior trainer Hans Rampf at the edge of the playing field. Bulli. After the victory, hugging players and fall on the ice. The Federal Republic is at number 5 of the Championship. Winner becomes favorite Finland.
(57 m) 08 US story: Düsseldorf: U.S. basketball coach Toni De Leo coach Toni De Leo training with the players of the basketball club Agon 80th goal litters of successful players who won continuously for 6 years. Training Hall. Basket balls. Coach speaks with the players big up 2 m. Video transmission of the German championship in the clubhouse. Players and coaches toast to.
(49 m)


Persons in the Film

Leo de, Toni ; Rampf, Hans


Düsseldorf ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Munich ; Münster ; Ratingen


Spendenaktion ; Stadtansichten ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Basketball ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; curling ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; development aid ; Flags ; Musical events ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; Technology ; environmental protection, pollution ; Art ; People ; civil service ; Exhibitions ; Sport ; Messe ; 01 16 mm project ; Technology ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 380/1986

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Federal Republic of Germany

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