Deutschlandspiegel 361/1984 1984


01 football - match Germany Argentina 1-3 offense and game. Spectator looks through binoculars, great. Free-kick of Ponce, 1-0 to Argentina in the 4th minute. Repetition in ZL-goal camera. Goalkeeper Harald Schumacher reacted hardly. Argentine flags are waved. German storm catches in the defense. Shot on goal Argentina's 2-0 Beckenbauer affected on the sidelines. Flood light. 2nd half post shot by Lothar Matthäus. Free-kick. German goal after another Argentine goal. Viewers with German flags. Goalkeeper parades of the Argentinian goalkeeper. Jersey Exchange after the game. Advertisement at the gang: Herforder PILS - Leonberg - Ceresit - Jacobi 1880 - Bauhaus - OBI - construction home improvement markets - Dr. Koch drink 10-Minolta - Copierer - Rowenta - Schneider Hi-Fi video - high C. - have fun with Akai - natural gas.
(59 m) 02. guidelines of German development policy in Peru: fishing. Fishing is loaded onto barges. The German research vessel Humboldt for Peru. Bonn: Ministry for development aid. Minister Warnke welcomes the Peruvian Ambassador. Photos. Minister Warnke in Africa. Warnke speaks interview at his desk on German development assistance.
Colombia: Peasants in conversation with German aid workers. Potato. Oxen before plough. Market.
Sudan: Improving rural infrastructure through road construction, to speed up movement of goods and to deliver fresh. Camels in addition to modern flyover.
(60 m) 03. speech is silver-social initiatives Hamburg: young people at information booth make attention to the pollution of the environment. Young people take water samples of the Alster. Mobile laboratory analyses are made. The mobile Jungendforschungslabor. Polluted water is visible on screen.
Bonn: Helmut Kohl on crew of competition for social initiatives. Trade Representative Adolf make a trip into the countryside with blind quick and friends his cycling club. Wheel is inflated. Blind characters is attached to carrier. Shuts on tandem wheels.
(55 m) 04 cityscape Frankfurt modern high-rise buildings and old patrician houses of the town. Medieval sculptures and fountains. Timber-frame houses. The Romans, St. Paul's Church. The main with barge and the Alte Oper. Modern interior design of Opera and musical performance. Goethe monument. The Goethe House in the deer moat. "Ebbelwei-express" with wine drinkers moves. Ebbelweinkneipen in Sachsenhausen.
(54 m) 05 Stiftung Warentest in Berlin showcase full of broadcasting and photo equipment. Radio receivers are intercepted at the store. The Stiftung Warentest in Berlin. Test of detergents according to scientific methods. Test of different floor coverings and carpets. Pressure test of the magazine. Test output vertically. Plate in refrigerator: Stiftung Warentest test very well.
(47 m) 06. Country style road construction crane runs through the Lüneburg Heath and is under the guidance of the French artist Jean Clareboudt diagonally over rock stones a big slice to the artistic portrait "Windberg". Walkers in the Lüneburg Heath. In landscape rises high stake with ropes. Tiled roof buildings, large woven nest trees with bright rings on the stems form a pattern. Private gallery that promotes the artists and stimulates understanding. (See D 323)
(44 m) 07 US story RIAs Berlin the West Berlin Schöneberg Berlin flag. Broadcasting House of the RIAs Berlin. Speaker reads messages "A clear voice of the free world" review of sw: founding RIAs 1946 color: Please note recording. Music. Mixer. Records.
RIAs Festival before the Empire tags building with carousels, bands, reporter and trucks, fencing the Olympian. Youth group dances and sings. Berlin. Traffic in front of the radio tower.
(63 m) 08. Peter Maffay - open air festival Peter Maffay is greeted on arrival by fans. Rehearsal on stage. Young people assault courses. Peter Maffay band sings and plays. Fans wave and go into the rhythm. Sparklers are lit at night. Match Fireworks. Fireworks.
(59 m)


Persons in the Film

Kohl, Hannelore ; Maffay, Peter ; Schnelle, Adolf ; Warnke ; Matthäus, Ingrid ; Ponce, Lily ; Schumacher, Toni


FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Bad Segeberg ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Germany ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Colombia ; Lüneburg Heath ; Mönchengladbach ; Peru ; Sudan


Stadtansichten ; Musikfestival ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Trade, finance ; development aid ; Flags ; Television ; Fireworks ; Fish ; Football ; Musical events ; Political events ; Advertising ; Reviews ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; Art ; Transport: General ; Livestock, livestock ; Water ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; construction ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 361/1984

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Federal Republic of Germany

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