Deutschlandspiegel 355/1984 1984


01 biggest tabloid image image stack. Picture street vending. Photo papers are taken from stack. Image reader in subway. Editorial meeting of the Resortleiter. Notes. Speaking in microphone. Photo reporter on the edge of the football field and Umdrängen of prominence. Teletype. Layout. Photos. Rotary press at the pressure. Eject of the newspapers and packaging.
(63 m) 02 Youth Hostel Altena snowy Castle Altena. Knight's armor in the Castle from the 13th century. Image by Richard Schirrmann, the first youth hosteller. Traditional rooms of the Castle. Dorms from ancient times in the hostel Museum. Young people on arrival in front of the youth hostel. Modern tract. Children in modern dormitory beds one above the other. Youth skis in the snow. Modern kitchen. Food is issued. Dance in the disco in the evening. (See D 269/5)
(43 m) 03 10 years oil shock oil drums in a warehouse. Driving record refinery. Tank lines. Refueling at gas station. Display tank column. Car transport, dense and empty streets when driving ban. Construction of fuel efficient cars. Polo and golf road. Wall insulation in the construction. Thermostats on heating. Full dishwasher is switched on. Waste incineration plant. Heat is the heat source. Diesel generators for sugar factory with heat pumps. Industrial waste heat is used as a heat source for the households of a small town. Headframe. Mining of hard coal and brown coal underground. Natural gas pipelines. Solar roofs and mirror. Windmill. Nuclear reactor. High-voltage pylons. Oil rig.
(95 m) 04 Butzbach: miniature shoe collection half-timbered houses Butzbach. Marketplace. Shoe making workshop. Man and woman in the manufacture of miniature shoes, which are exhibited behind glass. Astronautenschuh, footwear from prehistoric times. A Roman Gladiator shoes. Medieval knights and elegant shoes of a courtier.
(43 m) 05 Würzburg: Europe's most modern letter distribution system mailbox is emptied by mailman. Letter sorting Hall. Letter distribution system in operation. Machine reads addresses and sorts. Illegible addresses are sorted out and coded by hand. Fine screening in the compartments of the place of destination. Throw in a mail bag. Remote and aircraft as a means of transport. Postman ride from the bicycle to the mail from post office.
Gladbach (63 m) 06 monks: monks Gladbach - VFB Stuttgart 2-0 game scenes. Viewers filling picture. Stuttgart-based long shot at the goal crossbar ZL. ZL game before the Stuttgart goal and Roleder parade. Audience clapping. Tempo football. Attacks by monks Gladbach. Matthew placed ZL in the penalty area. Penalty penalty spot is held by Roleder, which his teammates congratulate. Viewers asking shakes his head. 2nd half: Forester mill is stopped by foul. Free-kick. Anfeurungsrufe. Shot on goal 1:0 by Bruns. Wdh. ball in the goal of ZL. Fans cheering in the snow storm. Roleder defense paraden. In the 76th minute 2:0 by mill for monks Gladbach. Ball into the goal. Advertisement: Sinalco - Rheinische post - Siemens - six official drops.
(59 m) 07 US story Berlin: Willem De Kooning exhibition at the Academy of Arts underground Kurfürstendamm. Poster Willem de Kooning exhibition. The Academy of arts. Selbstpotrait Willem De Kooning and drawing his wife as a young girl. Elaine de Kooning in the exhibition. Portraits of women in abstract expressionism. Images of womanscape (woman landscapes). Viewers with attendant, big. Man with baby on her arm, great. 1953: Woman and Bicicle. Sculptures. Inscription de Kooning.
(57 m)


Persons in the Film

Kooning de, Willem ; Bruns, Gerhard ; Förster ; Matthäus, Ingrid ; Mill, Frank ; Roleder


Berlin ; Bonn ; Burg Altena ; Butzbach ; Hamburg ; Helmstedt ; Mönchengladbach ; Würzburg


Postverkehr ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Hobby ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; News, communications ; Oil ; Postal, postal services ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Technology, industry ; People ; Holiday ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Mining ; Mine ; Presse ; Ausstellung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 355/1984

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Federal Republic of Germany

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