Deutschlandspiegel 354/1984 1984


01 a children's village blade children kneel in kindergarten in the district in the children's village and make Singspiel. Children come home from school. Smaller children on the walk. Schoolchildren go to small single-family house, where they live with 5-7 children, an educator, one, mostly childless, wife and assistants as family. The children at dinner table with the "parents". Supervision of children while doing homework. Roller skating outdoors, theatre company at rehearsal, original sound. Meeting of educators, parents and psychologists when problems occur. Children at spring game in the district.(See D 318/4)
(50 m) 02 Rosenthal porcelain glass drops, big. Glass blowing machines. Production of lenses. Packaging the jars. Mouth glass blowers in glass manufacture. Plant the Rosenthal AG. Gropius Bau with Rainbow drawing by Otto Piene and paintings of Friedrich hundred water at the administration building. Philip Rosenthal with porcelain, original sound. Porcelain manufacture. Cup edge is drawn automatically. Art porcelain. Sculptor and painter of repute as a designer.
(68 m) 3rd film Bundesarchiv Koblenz the Deutsches Eck with the confluence of the Moselle river with the Rhine and the fortress. Ehrenbreitstein. The Federal film archive in the fortress. Film-cans in warehouses. Copies of the film are seen through cutting tables and repaired. Mending the perforation. Clean up the copies and negatives. Re-copying of Nitro on safety. Pulling new color negative trick table. Documentary film from the year 1895 by a Berlin train station. Scenes on a hand-coloured French film with Gretchen and Faust.
(57 m) 04 housing homeowner models. Customers visit the building society to resolve financing issues. Prefabricated houses. Construction drawings. Federal Housing Minister Oskar Schneider at a meeting at his Ministry. Construction site. Insulation of walls by hardboard boards, and foam for energy saving program. Richtkranz is raised. Masonry walls at construction site.
(55 m) 05. Guinness record: Domino shifting in Nuremberg giant paintings on the floor made of dominoes, built in 31 days from 280,000 dominoes fall over.
(26 m) 6th cityscapes Rosenheim city gate and old town houses. Total of Rosenheim. Timber sawmill. Building logs are processed. Propeller is cut. Window frames production. Rain falls on window panes in the endurance test. Houses façade of the Holztechnikums. Students at microscopes. Wood structure in the magnification. Material testing of wood. Wood in the test material. Technical training on the wood. Measuring, planing, sawing of trunks.
(59 m) 07. portrait: skier Irene Epple Irene Epple for ski gymnastics with helmet before start. Relaxation exercises. Teddy charm on the skis. Irene Epple at the start before a downhill race. Coach, that's great. Prepare the skis before the race. Irene Epple goes with skis to bus. Snow temperature is measured. Ascent. Slalom downhill ZL. Viewers cheer. Finishing.
(68 m) 08. US story: U.S. life-breakdancer Kid style people dance breakdance and electric boogie robotdance on the road and dislocate their limbs in the Roboterrythmus. The breakdancer in disco Championship. Group dances. Among the heavyweight champion of the robot dance from Bronx judges. 14 boy in solo performance. Colored dancing as a school. Mr. robot Francis Norman dances. Dance the winner Group B Boubarations kid from Hamburg. World Champion and his fans (62 m)


Persons in the Film

Rosenthal, Philip ; Norman, Francis ; Schneider, Oskar ; Epple, Irene


Hanover ; Hannoversch Münden ; Blade ; Koblenz ; Krefeld ; Nuremberg ; Rosenheim


Stadtansichten ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Industry ; Children ; filmmaking ; Portraits ; Advertising ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Buildings ; Water ; Competitions ; Jobs ; construction ; Wintersportler ; Kinder (Waisenkinder) ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 354/1984

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Federal Republic of Germany

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