Deutschlandspiegel 352/1984 1984


01 West Berlin: integration of young foreigners foreign young people go on Court and play football. Turkish schoolchildren in schoolyard. Teacher teaching Turkish children in the Turkish language. Vocational education Centre Youth Village Berlin. Young people enter the House. Young people at work in the workshop. Work on wrought-iron objects in teaching kitchen. Foreign young people during theoretical lessons. Performance of play with foreign and German participants.
(70 m) 02 Lux-a workshop of artist neon lighting and advertisement. In workshop, neon tubes are manufactured and artistically designed. Exhibition of modern furniture and lighting fixtures in Gallery. Santosh Lecatsa architect Design Studio design by neon lighting and when mounted at home. Modern Chair with foam spikes in Studio. Narrow modern Chair and future furniture.
(50 m) 03. 125 years Rudolf Diesel driving tractor from the front. TRUCKS from parking lot. TRUCK drives. Propeller turns. Photo of Rudolf diesel. Patent specifications, patent heat engine. Prototype diesel engine. Game film shows diesel engine with Willy Birgel (sw) in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Rudolf diesel, great. Diesel engines for ship propulsion, in heating, in cars.
(60 m) 04 University of veterinary medicine in Hanover (see D 293/3) at the entrance to deed of King George III. animal skeletons in classroom. Horse head model with muscles, veins, and tendons. Horse heart sounds are heard. Laboratory of the College. Lecture. Students and students in human anatomy by dissection. Operation. Standing beef is operated. Doctor engages in side wound and brings back talismanic object from body.
(36 m) industrial area 05, Salzgitter Neanderthal skull found near Salzgitter, the locality. Timber-frame houses of Salzgitter. Disused iron ore mine with shaft Tower. Steelworks of Salzgitter AG with blast furnace and steel River. Rolling of steel strip. Tubes. Waggonfabrik. Railway wagon leaves factory. VW engine plant and largest car manufacturer of the continent. Traffic and pedestrians.
(59 m) 06 Benedictine Abbey of Maria laach Abbey, the Benedictine Abbey of Maria Laach. Visitors. The laughs Lake. Romanesque door and Windows. Fountain of Lion tank. Library with monk on bookshelves. Notes for training in electrical workshop. Dairy cows in stall at milking machine. Monastery garden with flowers and greenhouses. Monks at prayer in the monastery chapel. Organ playing.
(52 m) 07 qualifier for the soccer European Championship Federal Republic of Germany - Northern Ireland 1-0 in Hamburg game scenes. German free-kick is blocked by defense. ZL scenes. The German storm interrupted in early and unimaginative play. Irish counterattack. Striker breaks through and has an effort on goal. Toni Schumacher fends off. Margin, Tor, 0:1 for Ireland. Repetition in ZL. Game of the German storm before the Irish goal. Toni Schumacher in the German half alone. Goalkeeper and Defender to prevent scoring. Advertisement: Herforder PILS - Leonberger - Jakobi 1880 - Dr. Cook drink 10 - Rowenta - Hohes C - Karlsberg PILS - Hardenberg grain.
(61 m) 08 U.S. Storry: GI's celebrate Christmas in German families Christmas lights. Street musician. Decorated shop Windows. Stand with Christmas trees. Couple from Würzburg goes to his house. 2 US soldiers in civilian clothes Pack packages for the German family. Man puts candles on the Christmas tree. Family and GI's Christmas room, hand over the gifts. Little blond granddaughter gift. Feast and entertainment production sound.
(59 m)


Persons in the Film

Birgel, Willy ; Diesel, Rudolf ; Lecatsa, Rouli ; Schumacher, Toni


Bayreuth ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Laacher see ; Maria Laach ; Mönchengladbach ; Munich ; Ruhr ; Salzgitter ; West Berlin ; Würzburg


Jugendarbeit ; Tiermedizin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Industry ; Education, youth ; Football ; Pedestrian ; Plants ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Art ; Technology, industry ; Medicine ; Furniture ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Water ; Christmas ; Jobs ; Foreigners ; Exhibitions ; Mining ; Mine ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Licht ; Sport ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 352/1984

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Federal Republic of Germany

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