Deutschlandspiegel 344/1983 1983


01 people stand in line before notification Authority public College rates folk high schools in Germany. Registration in room. English lessons, original sound catching up of the folk school. Craft courses. Art class while painting outdoors in the water.
(60 m) 02 Kiel: Federal Research Centre for dairy research black and white cows at milking machine. Federal Research Centre for dairy research. Experts in the control of milk samples. Cheese-making. Investigation of milk for radioactivity. High quality protein and animal feed is produced from whey. Examiner with red hair sideways, large. Curve shows increase of radioactivity. Cows in the Research Institute. Hoses cause the stomachs. Digestion is observed through stomach opening. Large blades lining comes automatically. Visitors can obtain milk samples. (Archive - see D 287/5)
(54 m) 03. unemployment in Germany - older labour going on woman, former travel office employees, and former manager, go to the Labour Office as unemployed. Consultant in the district by unemployed actuality: "As it is now with part-time?" Waiting in the hallway. Mediator in Office. Older man at the tiles from wall. Labour Office accepts payment from salary component. Working, great. Mason leaving operation at closing time on site at Blohm & Voss - workers.
(58 m) 04. modern living room design interior designer Peter Preller at Rau said equipment designs his work table. Select fabric samples. Employee in workshop. Site is for TV and stereo system in the form of aluminium Tower, in which the devices are fitted, designed and built by. Kitchen, living spaces, furniture, lamps, seating furniture.
(56 m) 05. Berlin: Centre for development aid printer in printer for testing of template has reported to the service of development. Electrician and wife with children on their shoulders as applicants to the service of development. Education as a development Assistant at the German development service with high standards. Spanish lessons, original sound. Young people in the library reading and library books. Kindergarten of the Institute. Man washes in kitchen. Mrs Pack bags in bedroom. Man with luggage on the airport escalator. Departure of Pan am from right to left in the image.
(54 m) 06. The Ruhr River with barges in the industrial area. In the background of the image of Duisburg with smoking chimneys. Kahn is in front of the Ruhr industrial landscape. Camping car, people sitting before. Lock, wastewater treatment plant. Scientists water sampling for measuring quality. Oxygen content will be tested with chemical additives. Anglers on the Bank of the Ruhr in Essen, where it is dammed to form a lake. Kayakers, paddlers to rest on the shore, children swimming, sailing. Dam, excursion steamer.
(49 m) 07. Hamburg: HSV - San Sebastian European Cup 2-1 kick-off HSV. Viewers filling image, smacking with flags. Jimmi Hartwig storms, Hrubesch beheads. Goalkeeper defense. Game in front of the Spanish goal. Magath are denied by the post. Viewers screen-filling and half close. San Sebastian shoots just over the HSV gate.
2. Halftime: Powerplay of the HSV can not overcome Spanish Defense. Goalkeeper parades of the Spanish goalkeeper with door camera, ZL. In the 75th minute after a corner header of Jacob 1:0 Replantiere ZL door camera. Viewers filling picture. Floodlit game. San Sebastian counters 1:1 a few Spaniards swing flags. Superior game of HSV leads to the scoring 2:1 by Thomas Van Heesen.
(58 m) 08-US plot: US-life-style S / W: Elvis Presley as a US soldier in Germany 25 years ago with Duffel the German song "Must I" in the United States brought because to the Sandra addition. Jeans girl with tight pants from behind, next to their smaller girl with United States jacket. T-Shirt with the statue of liberty, U.S. stores: Harley drugstore, Texas-Otto, Amerikan floor, California ice cream. Roller skate before the Cologne Cathedral. Mc donalds restaurant. Coca Cola drinkers, Hamburger eater. Chewing gum bubble at mouth of girls. Aerobic gymnastics with Sydne Rome.
(53 m)


Persons in the Film

Presley, Elvis ; Preller, Peter ; Rome, Sydne ; Hartwig, Jimmy ; Heesen von, Thomas ; Hrubesch, Horst ; Jakobs ; Magath, Felix


Berlin ; Bonn ; Food ; Hamburg ; Kassel ; Kiel ; Leverkusen ; Lindlar ; Lübeck ; Nürburgring ; Ruhr ; Ruhr area ; West Berlin


Bildung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Gymnastics ; Trade, finance ; Hobby ; Higher education ; Industry ; Children ; development aid ; Fish ; Research ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Aerospace ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Sex ; sports audience, sports spectator ; People ; Furniture ; Holiday ; Water ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Unemployment, unemployment ; Architecture ; Gastronomy ; Sport ; Innenarchitektur ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 344/1983

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Federal Republic of Germany

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