Deutschlandspiegel 335/1982 1982


01. Castle Linderhof Palace near Munich front page of Schloß Linderhof. Giant fountain plays water cherubs and statues in front of the Castle. Tourists go of Ludwig II. through the sumptuous rooms in the year 1877/78 of built Castle. Splendour of the French baroque style. Tourists go through golden halls of mirrors. Taking pictures in the Park. Gold statue on the fountain.
(42 m) 02. The technological challenge of industries. Reactor pressure vessels are made of welding material in one piece, rather than cast and forged steel. Energy systems in the research field of space technology To find use. Measuring device for fuel atomization. Stove with maximum energy efficiency the oil Burns soot free. Micro-electronic circuit diagram. Credit card is inserted. Computer provides balance. Demonstration train stop of job destruction. Union event in Hamburg court broom. Car for disabled people. Functions are controlled by language. Driver speaks into microphone. The headlights to light. Windshield wiper is in motion. Sun visor falls down. Extends the antenna and radio plays. Elevated railway train without a driver. Train is controlled by a central monitoring station. Interlockings and stations are monitored. From station Metro ghost train.
(95 m) 03 holiday in the countryside village sign Hofbieber Schwarzbach. Children move cows from pasture. Children feed calves. Holidays on the farm. Bordering the zone, family to the border moves with border sign and border barrier. Riding on the lunge. Visit to the forge. Horseshoe is forged and adapted. Sausages grilling outdoors and dinner on long tables. Hay harvest. Children rake the grass together. Tractor pulls wagon from the field.
(54 m) 04. The alternatives demonstration of the peace movement. Election posters GAL. Headquarters of the GAL in Hamburg. Young people at desks full of paper. Aerial view nuclear power plant. Polluted water. Waste. Thea Bock with party colleagues for discussion actuality. Jurisdiction of choice of. Distribution of brochures, newspapers and stickers.
(66 m) 5 Wilhelm Busch, Max and Moritz. Pages from the book of the evil pranks from Max and Moritz. Max and Moritz, translated into foreign languages. Painting by Wilhelm Busch. Rectory, where Wilhelm Busch spent the last years of his life. Image of him, bedroom, his tomb. Buses to the village of Mechhausen in Lower Saxony, Germany. Theatre in a tent after Wilhelm Busch interview (at the dentist). Audience clapping.
(62 m) 6th centenary of the Kiel week regatta sailors. Colorful spinnaker blows in the wind. Pictures of the first Kieler Woche in 1882. The Emperor visited the "Kieler Woche". Sailing masts at the Memorial Laboe. International flags. Marina. Prepare the boats. Sails are set. Windjammer by curious onlookers surrounded. Folk Festival. Children lie on your back and promote world ball with the feet back and forth. Sailors in the masts of the Gorch Fock. The Gorch Fock on the sea. (64 m) 7 US subject: leisure Indian village near Nuremberg. Cowboys riding Western saddles to village. Large tent area. Meeting of Western friends. Sheriff star, men and women with wide-brimmed hats. Indians. Western shop. Indian woman. Drink of soldiers of the South. Indian dance to drum sounds. Saloon. US flag blowing against village.
(70 m)


Persons in the Film

Busch, Wilhelm ; Bock, Thea


Augsburg ; Berlin ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Kiel ; Kronach ; Mechthausen, Lower Saxony ; Lower Saxony ; Ochsenfurt ; West Berlin


Sehenswürdigkeiten ; Erholung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Libraries ; Stock Exchange ; Books ; Demonstrations ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Trade, finance ; Hobby ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Harvest ; Leisure, recreation ; Photographers ; Political events ; Sailing ; Surfing ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Art ; Co-determination ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Elections ; Water ; Jobs ; employment ; Unemployment, unemployment ; Automation ; works councils ; Trade unions ; Policy ; Wirtschaft (Arbeitgeber; Arbeitnehmer; Arbeitskampf; usw. s. Synonyme) ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Surfing ; Technology ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 335/1982

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Federal Republic of Germany

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