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01 girls 'saw a boy stand... a little sing Goethe in Frankfurt - 150th death anniversary of Goethe's at ceremony "Frankfurt: barrel column with poster of Goethe events." Transformer. Showcase with Goethe books. Goethe monument. Goethe's birthplace on the large deer ditch. Transformer to the Windows of his living quarters. Working rooms and spaces. Books. Painting: Goethe in Italy. Pictures on the topic of Goethe from the perspective of the present time. Singing the song "Saw a boy a little rose standing". The audience clapping.
(55 m) 02. political engagement by youth demonstration train by youths in Hamburg. Meeting of the Young Socialists with speaker audience, great. Actuality: "need to put... on the ideology of the social partnership, and have to say if the capital wants to offload the burden of the crisis on workers today, no!" The rich should pay. This is what we To want." Clapping. Transparent group of Harburg. OLE von Beust, country Chairman of Junge Union, gets out of his car. Portal of the criminal justice building. OLE Von Beust goes to the building as a law clerk. OLE von Beust as a member of the citizenship. On the road, handouts are distributed by members of the Junge Union. CDU advertising stand. Young people in cleaning up a polluted pond.
(69 m) 03 water castles (see (D) 282 / 3 and 11607) Water Castle. Black Swan cleans his feathers. Part of settings of a moated castle. Drawings of a wagon, a stronghold, is a hilltop Castle and a moated castle. Built 1271st go water Burg Vischering in Westphalia, visitors over the bridge to the Castle. The Castle courtyard. Interiors. Bed with alcove. Painting.
(D) 282/3: driving record surge. Black Swan cleans his feathers, large. Part of shooting a water Castle. Drawings of a wagon, a stronghold, a castle and a water Castle, created to protect against the attacking enemy. Water Castle Vischering in Westphalia, built 1271st boardwalk leads across the water to the main Castle. Cloudy water. Courtyard. Settings of the walls with art decorations. Re ran, figures. Castle is now in State ownership and is set up as a museum. Faithfully restored interiors. Bedchamber. Painting with portraits of former residents. Jewelry barrel, in which precious objects in the water were sunk at risk. The water Castle, total.
(38 m) 04. The Ulm model - humanization of the Hospital (see D 191/4) technical equipment of a hospital. Computer. Patient is under X-ray. The University Hospital of Ulm. Ärztebesprechung with the staff. Patients lie in bed. During the visit, speaks of the doctor with the patient and inquired after their health. Weekly station Conference with doctors and nurses, o-ton: "How is he to you? -Friendly, we only blood pressure, the rest, as he supplied himself."
(D) 191/4: The Kurhaus, the Kurpark, long shot of the city, hospital building. Indoors. Doctor pressed button. Patient is under X-ray. Patient in apparatus for the measurement of the lung function. Patients with various studies on modern equipment. Laboratory. Computer's tab.
(60 m) 5th Frankfurt: sewage disposal, large Schlammentwässerungs and incinerator. In wastewater treatment plant residues are cleaned and led to the incineration plant. The central switching station controls system. Diagram. Combustion residues. Hot air system. Electrostatic precipitators to filter out pollutants. Residue ash.
(50 m) 6th Lübeck: Handelshaus Tesdorpf motor boat sails on the Trave. The trading house Tesdorpf. Great grape via the portal. Carl Johann Tesdorpf, the owner, in his work room. Wine tasting with French Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. The family coat of arms. Paintings of the founder. Certificate for Lord Mayor J. M. Tesdorpf.
S/W: Pictures of old Lübeck. Wine barrels.
Col: country wine is tapped from casks and tasted by cellar master. Office workers use computerized client list. Cartons in the shipment. TRUCK drives to the delivery.
(57 m) 07 Motocross mass start of motocross riders. Riders on the obstacle track, uphill, downhill, through curves, over bumps. Spectators at the track. Jumps over bumps, ZL. Start of the sidecar machines. Crash shortly after takeoff. Vehicle headlong to is set up. Viewers filling picture. ZL jumps. Wreaths. Trophies and grinding on door.
(54 m) 08-US plot: German-American student exchange rhythm seminar at the University. Exchange student Tom Hawley sitting on floor. Students in exercises. Hawley converses Panel with a student gesticulating. Lunch in the Hall, total. Meeting of Fulbright scholars in Berlin. Ambassador Arthur Burns at the lectern. Burns interview: "... when the young people of our respective space..." Genscher and Hawley shaking hands and entertain themselves. Hawley is interviewed by a reporter at a jetty.
(63 m)


Persons in the Film

Beust von, Ole ; Tesdorpf, Carl Johann


Düsseldorf ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Harburg ; Kiel ; Lübeck ; Ulm ; Water Castle ; Weihenstephan


Dichter ; Wein ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Education, youth ; Football ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Political events ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; Medicine ; veterinary medicine ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Energieumwandlung ; Motorradrennen ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; Technology ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 332/1982

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