Deutschlandspiegel 331/1982 1982


01 radio telescope Effelsberg Effelwiese with dandelion. Great antenna of the radio telescope in the landscape. Auger. Settings of the giant telescope. Researchers and scientists in the production of a radio Atlas received signals. Devices. Measurement data, pointer, recorder, look for giant telescope.
(40 m) 02 25 years European Community (foreign 25542 and archive) folk festival on the occasion of the first elections to the European Parliament. Youth band marches on. Election posters FDP, CDU, SPD. Man with sailor hat and whistle, big.
S/W: Debris. Misery people, tearing down the border barriers by European youth. 1957: Signing of the Treaty of Rome. Palace exterior.
Col: International border between EEC countries without stay. Goods will be shipped. Industrial fair. Agricultural machinery plowing and harvesting. Cucumber in purchasing power. Milking with a milking machine. European Security Conference in Helsinki. At the lectern, Helmut Schmidt, Margaret Thatcher to EEC meeting on arrival. EEC flags. Turkish flag.
(75 m) 03 Munich: exhibition of American painting exhibition space with visitors. Comic images full-screen. Marilyn Monroe. Figurative painting and pop art images. Groups of figures. Landscapes. Rider's landscape. Coca Cola Cap. City. Plants. Hall with visitors.
(52 m) 04 Ochsenfurt: waste heat bridge over the river main. Bridge statues. Church of Ochsenfurt. Young couple with children on bench. Building of the sugar factory. Sugar packages are packed onto conveyor belt. Heat pump is installed on large diesel generators of the factory. Pipes to heat storage on the farm. Laying of connecting hoses to townhouses. Town Hall and half-timbered houses. District heating pipes in the basements of the houses. Waste heat of production factory becomes the heat suppliers in the city.
(47 m) 05. Hamburg: student participation the Otto Hahn school. Children from the school. Student Council with two representatives from each class. Girl wants smoking room interview. Vote by arm lifting. Student speaker goes on floor in class and speaks with the Director.
Student speaker interview: "I brought you the new breaks right, anyway, and it looks like this proposal by the SR, the we..." "Close-up Director." Printing the correction of the school newspaper. Session of the Conference of students with teachers, pupils and parents. Student interview: "... that something comes out that is used before the students again and again according to the motto - now makes times beautiful".
(59 m) 06. The Town Hall of Bremen the Bremen town musicians before the Town Hall. The Renaissance town hall. Indoor shots. Chandelier in the Hall. Mayor Koschnik Senate session. Precious paintings. The Golden Book of the city. Hall. The Treasury with fine wines. The City Hall cellar with guests. Sun of large wall clock pendulum. Precious portal with Baroque figures. Port image. The Schaffer meal with guests.
(56 m) 7th Offenbach: Cornelia Hanisch - world champion in the Anspach Cornelia Hanisch forest run. She teaches at part-time vocational school. Hanisch actuality: "We had Yes done, that the salmonella illness can be dangerous" Cornelia Hanisch training with coach Horst Christian Tell. Training battle. Putting down the guard and greeting after the fight.
(53 m)


Persons in the Film

Koschnik, Hans ; Monroe, Marylin ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Thatcher, Margaret ; Hanisch, Cornelia ; Tell, Horst Christian


Bremen ; Brussels ; Eifel ; Eifel meadow ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Helsinki ; Munich ; North Rhine-Westphalia ; Ochsenfurt ; Offenbach ; Rome ; Wuppertal ; Würzburg


Art ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Industry ; Children ; Energy, energy supply ; Education, youth ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Fencing ; Research ; Musical events ; Plants ; Political events ; Reviews ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Technology ; Buildings ; People ; Social events ; Elections ; Science ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Energiewirtschaft ; Energieumwandlung ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Technology ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 331/1982

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Federal Republic of Germany

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