Deutschlandspiegel 329/1982 1982


01 Black Forest: Children at table playing Fischer-technology - educational toys in kindergarten with Fischer technology toys. Child's face, great. Engineer Arthur Fischer in the design Office of his work. Parts of the Fischertechnik construction system in the making. Toy Kit. Revolving cranes, railroads, merry-go-rounds.
(54 m) 02. The city artist from Nuremberg Nuremberg City image. Young man goes through the streets of the city. Englishman, who was hired for half a year as a scholar as artist of the city, in the Germanic Museum Dürer considered drawings. British paints in nature and photographed. Studio and living space of the artist. Paintings and photos in his Studio.
(52 m) 03. The German ratio GDR post in front of House on Lake Wehrbelliner. Erich Honecker occurs with fur hat before the House welcome by Helmut Schmidt, who gets out of his car. Close-up of Erich Honecker with fur hat and Helmut Schmidt with Prinz-Heinrich-Mütze. Conference room. Reporters are available to conference table. Dr. Haese interviewed population actuality: "You for should be improved what do in the East-West German relations?" - "The travel conditions." - "the Mindestumtausch should again be down." - "I hope relations will be A little bit better, that we ' over there can, even if we have no relatives over there". -"The we ' drive over can, the younger ones, and not just the retirees." The Office for visits and travel matters. Travelers fill out forms. The signing of the four power agreement (archive). Trucks at border crossing. Brown coal mine in the border area. Police chains prevent the contact of the population on roads with Chancellor Schmidt in the Güstro. Press Conference. Helmut Schmidt interview: "When I sum it all up, I can say that better relations between the two German States are possible that we To want to make them both, and they can mean a contribution at the same time and should mean for peace in Europe, possibly beyond."
(74 m) 04 Stormarn: Portrait of a newspaper building of the Stormarner day sheet. Editorial meeting. Stalls and booths at the weekly market. Eggs are taken from cardboard containers. Sale at stands. Photographing. Reporters question the market traders. Editorial Secretaries To write on typewriters. Assembly of photos. Girls at light sentence typewriters. Printing press prints. Folding and packing of the newspaper. Newspaper carrier with the wheel on the road on Winter Street.
(53 m) 05. Hamburg: covered shopping streets of the Hamburg court as a new shopping centre with loading passages, small bistros round tables with people. Expenses in the shops. Luxury items. People at round tables at the Mall.
(52 m) 06. Hamburg: construction of weather satellite satellite model. The work of Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm. Construction of the satellite for space research. Message delivery and commercial use. Research laboratory. Construction of a X-ray steel laboratory for the Ariane satellites. Model of a communications satellite orbiting the Earth. Animated flight of the satellite Symphony. Rocket launch.
(52 m) 07. hang gliding (see D 256/5, own text and D 315/6) man walking on mountains and floats, Dragon Valley. Mike Harter, who introduced this kind of sport in Germany, laughing, great. Men float in Dragon in the target flight to the Valley and land in target area. Flights and landings. Spectator looks through binoculars. Kite fliers through mountain forests. Aerial photographs of the flight. Trees, meadows and winding streets. Flight over mountains lying under Dragon.
D 315/6: kill bracket belt hang gliders. Start in running over a narrow Board and jump into the abyss. Sliding by hang glider over mountains and lakes. Taxes by shifting your weight. Spectators at the landing site look up. Spot landing after flight. Kite flying in the sky. Hang glider lands imAbseits.
(40 m)


Persons in the Film

Honecker, Erich ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Fischer, Arthur ; Haese, Jürgen


Bavaria ; Berlin ; Bonn ; DDR ; Hamburg ; Nuremberg ; East Berlin ; Black Forest ; Stormarn


Stadtentwicklung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Hang gliding ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Interviews ; Children ; News, communications ; Political events ; Press, press conferences ; Rockets ; Toys, toys ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Art ; Jobs ; Presse ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 329/1982

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Federal Republic of Germany

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