Deutschlandspiegel 328/1982 1982


01 Ice Racing on the Eibsee (see D 208/6) classic and modern sports cars in the race on the frozen Eibsee, spikes on the tires of motorcycles. Start of the motorcycles. Ice speedway rider in the curves. Passenger's race.
D 208/6: car racing on the frozen Eibsee. Ice spikes on the tires of motorcycles. Motorcycle races on the Lake. Cornering. Sidecar racing.
(36 m) 02 West Berlin: City via the motorway houses via the city motorway. Cars in subway tunnel under the buildings. Apartments are available. Furniture carried from truck. Balconies and terraces of the apartments. Courtyards with children's playgrounds, and trees. Shops. Residents of the building of the motorway. (Expensive construction is subsidized).
(56 m) 03 Lübeck: Nordic film days subsidized culture city Lübeck, St. Mary's, Holsten. Posters of the Nordic film days of Scandinavian film productions. Paintings by Nordic artists. Theatre. Opera Orchestra. Ticket sales for the urban stage. Scenes of an opera performance. Guests in the theater. Curtain closes.
(66 m) 4th Bonn: Brezhnev visit German and Russian flag flying on the mast. Schmidt welcomes Brezhnev at the official reception before the Palais Schaumburg. Brezhnev waving at people. Stepping off the front of the stand. Protest demonstration of the Junge Union against the violation of human rights and upgrade on the market square of Bonn. In the conversation said, Brezhnev, Genscher, Gromyko. Kohl and Strauss enter home for talks with Brezhnev. Departure. Brezhnev waving back at the aircraft door. Schmidt, Genscher, Lambsdorff and others waving. Aircraft rolls to start.
(62 m) 05 dance school young girls get off their bike and go to dance school. Young men come with moped. Dancing in the dance school. Group dance. Dance teacher interview explains the young people dance traditional dances. Young men urge to dance. Dance on the dance floor.
(56 m) 06. force of nature work Trave the river Trave in Schleswig-Holstein. Small river flows between meadows. Paddle boat on the river. Dam of Mr mill. Former mill generates electricity with hydropower and power supplied in 77 households. Owner lubricates turbine. Supply of E-mast to E-Werk.
(50 m) 7th Düsseldorf: Soccer World Cup elimination Germany Bulgaria 4:0 rush and shot at goal, ZL. Viewers filling picture. In the game, Rummenigge and Kaltz. Fischer strikes the 1:0 corner of Bulgaria and shot over the goal. Hrubesch strikes on the misses.
2nd half: Rummenigge shoots 2:0 viewers filling picture. Foul on Rummenigge in the penalty area. Cameramen on the sidelines. Penalty 3:0 goal by Rummenigge 4:0 ad: Leonberger, Kulmbacher Kronsbacher PILS Mustang Appel.
(59 m)


Persons in the Film

Breschnjew, Leonid ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Gromyko ; Lambsdorff von ; Fischer, Klaus ; Hrubesch, Horst ; Kaltz, Manfred ; Rummenigge, Karl Heinz


Berlin ; Bonn ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Lübeck ; Rhine ; Trave ; West Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Electricity ; Education, youth ; Flags ; Football ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Military ; Furniture ; Transport: General ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Military ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 328/1982

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Federal Republic of Germany

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