Deutschlandspiegel 325/1981 1981


01 Lufthansa photo show: streiflichter Germany photo exhibition with visitors. Transformer. Old Pew. Timber-framed buildings. Modern high-rise building facade. Sea reflection, in the foreground fishing trawler on Jetty. Evening light reflects on field spanned with slides. Frontier East Germany. In the exhibition young blonde spectator, sideways, large. Photo: Workers with helmet transformer. Industry image camera trip. The images be removed and packed. Invite in Lufthansa transport space. Start the machine from left to right by Lufthansa.
(55 m) 2nd stimulus and austerity program of the Federal Government passers-by wait at traffic lights on the side of the road and then go on the road. Pedestrian scenes. Cabinet meeting. Schmidt sits next to Genscher. Hans Matthöfer takes files from a Briefcase. Pedestrian zone. Pack of cigarettes on sale Board. Spirits in baskets in the wholesale market. Ward with patients and doctors. Pharmacies showcase transformer. In the pharmacy, the pharmacist packaged medicines. Parents with 2 children on the walk. Father with little daughter seated on bike tour. House construction. Employment Office. Unemployed sit on floor.
Global economy Summit in Ottawa, Helmut Schmidt speaks interview: "All have their determination shown to combat inflation and unemployment, to maintain a functioning economy, a functioning world trade."
(64 m) 03-450th anniversary Tilman Riemenschneider Würzburg bridge with statues. Shield: Tavern by Riemenschneider. Market visitors to the marketplace. The Gothic portal of the Church of citizens with two sandstone figures Adam and Eve as a copy of Riemenschneider works. Exhibition of the Riemenschneider originals on the fortress Marienberg. Gravestone with portrait Riemenschneider. Exhibition with works on loan from Germany and abroad. Altar group. The Franziskusaltar. Small Alabaster figure of St. Jerome with the Lions. The visitors of the exhibition. Figures of the Wiblinger altar, that were put together for the exhibition, but are in the possession of various collections and owners.
(63 m) 04 radio exhibition in Berlin the exhibition halls at the radio tower and the Convention Center. Visitors to the international radio exhibition. New technical developments in Exhibition Hall. World premiere of the stereo sound for TV. Television pictures and listener with headphones. Videophone via fiber optic cable. Young woman on the phone. Model of satellite television. Dagmar Berghoff speaks the tagesschau. Audiovisual developments. Playback devices for sound and image plate with laser technology. Performance of a dance group.
(55 m) 5th allotments Headframe at the Ruhr, swivel to allotment site. Man rakes in his garden. Old man plays accordion on stool in garden. Family in gazebo, man lies on a deck chair and reads. Miners conducted underground electric locomotive radio. Butcher sausages. Man binds together in small garden flowers. High-rise buildings and housing silos image filling. Small cottages in the grounds.
(39 m) 06. Munich: Ludwig - / Leopold Street views of the road with traffic. Monument of the Bavarian King, Ludwig I, the Builder of the road. Leisure painter painting before the Feldherrnhalle. The University. Students in front of the building. Fountain. The State Library. Sandstone figures of Greek philosophers in front of the building. Fountain. Wider staircase and reading room. The triumphant at the end of the road and beginning of the Bohemian district of Schwabing. Young people sit in street cafes. Street vendors. Car traffic before the winning goal.
(55 m) 7th Kiel: optimist regatta little optimist boats self-right colorful lie side by side. 10 - 13-year-old boy when setting forth their boats. Sailing will be attached. Adult help when carrying the water. Optimist regatta on the Kiel fjord. Turning and buoy in rough seas. Boys drag their boats ashore. Award ceremony for radiant winners.
(55 m)


Persons in the Film

Schmidt, Helmut ; Berghoff, Dagmar ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Matthöfer


Berlin ; Bonn ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; Kiel ; Cologne ; Munich ; Nordfriesische Küste ; Sohlenhofen ; Wuppertal ; Würzburg


Sailing ; Stadtbilder ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Monuments ; Trade, finance ; Hobby ; cameramen, cameramen ; Television ; Leisure, recreation ; Pedestrian ; Photographers ; Political events ; Smoking ; Aerospace ; Radio, television ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Germany ; Surfing ; Dance ; Buildings ; Art ; Medicine ; People ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Unemployment, unemployment ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Policy ; Fotografie ; Kunst, darstellende ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 325/1981

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Federal Republic of Germany

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