Deutschlandspiegel 324/1981 1981


01 German Antarctic Research puts the Polarsirkel in Bremerhaven. Cargo is unloaded. Scientists on board to monitor the discharge. The Polarsirkel in the eternal ice of Antarctica. German scientists of the Antarctic expedition during the construction of a living station. Snow storm. Snow vehicles. Climate measuring instruments. Flag blowing in the storm. Depth measurement of the 4000 m thick layer of ice. Demolition.
(71 m) 02. Hamburg: Grossmarkthalle delivery of goods at night. Doors of trucks have been postponed. Fruit and vegetable crates are unloaded. Close-ups crates of tomatoes and vegetables. Buyers purchasing in the early morning. Goods are transported to the vehicles of the dealer. Parking in front of the Grossmarkthalle.
(51 m) 03 Sohlenhofen: fossil Museum (archive D 279) road to the white Jurassic rocks in the altmühltal Valley, the Sohlenhofener plates obtained from where. The Mayor of Sohlenhofen Friedrich Müller when editing from rocks in the quarry to the finding of fossilized plants and animals. Animal prints. Müller has his fossil collection in Museum. Fossilized turtle and small crocodile, 140 million years ago. Urfische and dinosaurs.
(35 m) 04. Berlin: East-West axis Berlin's cityscape. Traffic on the East-West axis in the victory column. The East-West axis of the Zoo up to under den Linden, interrupted by the wall at the Brandenburg Gate.
Review: Construction of the Boulevard by the Prussian Kings in the 18th and 19th centuries. 1789 opening of the Brandenburg Gate. Guard soldiers on horseback riding through the street. Cars drive through the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate between the ruins of the 2nd World War. Russians. Rubble women planting potatoes in the Tiergarten.
The Zoo today as a park with big trees. Rower on Lake. Buildings of the post-war period, theaters, office buildings, Technical University. The wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate. "Over there" looking from observation deck. (partly archive K 187)
(74 m) 05. The Watts the Watts. Aerial view of the North Frisian coast and the Wadden Sea. Bathers on the Wadden Sea. Friesenhaus. Flock of sheep. The shallow Wadden Sea. Men of the coast protection levee construction and creation of ditches to protect of the country. Large construction vehicles destroy the natural adult life order of the Watt landscape. Walkers in the tidal flats.
(51 m) 06. Munich: folk music back in the children's choir sings. House music lessons at a Munich school. Old instruments are played. Teacher interview: "Oh per Margit, since it has di kicked out." That makes it not but..." Concert harpist. Match on the hammered dulcimer. Shared music-making and performance of advanced public event.
(53 m) 07 decathlete Guido Kratschmer world record holder Guido Kratschmer German Decathlon Championship in the shot put, long jump, hurdles, high jump, pole vault ZL. Latte falls. Andreas Rizzi wins the German championship in the high jump and pole vault.
(49 m)


Persons in the Film

Müller, Friedrich ; Kratschmer, Guido ; Rizzi, Andreas


Berlin ; Bremerhaven ; Hamburg ; Location ; Munich ; Nordfriesische Küste ; Sohlenhofen ; Würzburg


Steinzeit ; Forschungsreise ; Markthalle ; Stadtansichten ; Musikstil ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Trade, finance ; Hobby ; Research ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; Landscapes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; People ; Holiday ; Water ; Science ; Archaeology ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Forschungsschiff ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 324/1981

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Federal Republic of Germany

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