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01 balance of German UN politics UN building New York, swing. UN flags in front of the building. UN Conference. It speaks of the President of the General Assembly of Rüdiger Wechmar actuality: "... there're to honor bestodded on my country and it's people." Clapping of the delegates. in 1973, the flags of the two German States are hoisted. Foreign Minister Walter Scheel in speech production sound: "You are us always there To find, where it comes to international cooperation, to the preservation of peace and the rights of the people." Members of the 3rd world. Pictures of German development aid, development aid brochures. Rüdiger of Wechmar speaks to the German development aid, big. Rüdiger von Wechmar actuality: "It is Very much often claimed, and has been not refuted so far, that the development aid of throughout the Eastern States taken together do not even reach half of, what makes available the Federal Republic alone on development aid." Hannover Fair images. Wechmar actuality: "we should keep always in mind that the developing countries are not only suppliers of raw materials, which we desperately need, but also consumers of our products, i.e. they are our future markets or will stay there. "What is needed is to add the economic decolonization to the political decolonisation, or in other words, to strive for a partnership between industrialized countries and developing countries." 11th World Energy Conference in Munich. Solar Collector mirrors. Wechmar actuality: "global in the double sense of the word: global once, because she should - tackle global issues energy, raw materials, development, monetary and finance - trade, global but also because for the first time the North-South dialogue to spread with the participation of the future eastern Europe and China." The sense is, to make the economic relations between the North and the South or the industrialized countries and the developing countries on a new basis and to adapt them to the 80's and 90's." UN emblem, preparations for the Global Conference. By Wechmar interview: "I can with one sentence answer it, that the Federal Republic of Germany is also their policy options in addition to their economic power." (Some archive material)
(114 m) 02 country style road construction crane runs through the Lüneburg Heath and raises under the guidance of the French artist Jean Clareboudt diagonally through rock stones a big slice to the artistic image "Windberg". Walkers in the Lüneburg Heath. In landscape rises high stake with ropes. Tiled roof buildings, large woven nest trees with bright rings on the stems form a pattern. Private gallery that promotes the artists and stimulates understanding.
(64 m) 03 Hamburg: 19 evangelischer Kirchentag blowing trombone choir. Listeners outside under umbrellas. Speaking to youthful listeners Bishop Wölber actuality: "... we have nothing to fear in our concrete civilization, with the pestiferous air and poisoned rivers? I Thinking of you young people: your life will tell you something is wrong. What will become of our future? Are you perhaps a generation to be feared determined?" Slogan of the Kirchentag have no fear. People crowd road. Negro Gospel singers. Issue of soup. Food in large tents. Pedestrian image filling. Kirchentag flags. Young people in the Hall of silence lie on the ground and rest. Final rally. Sing.
(59 m) 04 Ludwigshafen: Limburger Hof greenhouses and fields of the experimental station. Discharges potato field with perforated plastic film. Irrigation system with pipes from which water drips. Drops fall on Earth. Plants in pots in vegetation Hall. Here are tested under different conditions of growth of plants. Crop protection research. Series of tests in laboratory of weed control. Leaves die off. Most attempts are made after laboratory To try outdoors. Visitors and interested parties in the laboratory.
(56 m) 5th Düsseldorf: the Kö beating bike girl on the Kö. Swivel business façade. Walkers on the Kö. Road sign Königsallee. Business sign Cartier. Management, business, and banking houses on one side of the street: Kaufhof, Mitsui Bank, nice watch, street cafes. People sit on chairs and benches in the open air. Elegant women go deep dekolletiertes blonde girl with leather jacket, luxury cars, elegant shops Guy Laroc. Coffee House guests. Bust Lady.
(55 m) 6 "Kieler Woche" (see D 1, 202 and 228) balloon regatta. Sailing boats on the fjord. Tornado regatta. Waving colourful spinnaker and U-turns of the dinghies.
D 202/1: sailboats on Jetty. Pan across the Olympic site. Sailors when setting forth their boats. Drawing up of sailing. The new Olympic class boats Tempest and Soling. King Konstantin of Greece in turtlenecks, half-close. Miss. Lüders Willi interviewed cow pasture. Cow pasture interview: "we have in various classes of good chances. But Which one will be favored, you really can't say that. Would be opportunities everywhere." Willi cow pasture in the race of the star boats (4), kick-off. Regatta Finn-Dinghis and Flying Dutchman. Sailboats on the Kiel fjord, balloon.
(38 m)


Persons in the Film

Scheel, Walter ; Wechmar von, Rüdiger ; Clareboudt, Jean ; Wölber


Berlin ; Bonn ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; Kiel ; Ludwigshafen, Germany ; Lüneburg Heath ; Munich ; New York


Forschungsstätten ; Kirchentreffen ; Vereinte Nationen (UN) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Energy, energy supply ; development aid ; Flags ; Research ; Pedestrian ; Musical events ; Political events ; Religious events ; Sailing ; Townscapes: Germany ; Surfing ; UN ; Buildings ; Art ; People ; Transport: General ; Livestock, livestock ; Science ; Kunst, darstellende ; 01 16 mm project ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 323/1981

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