Deutschlandspiegel 318/1981 1981


1 3 men (2 whites and 1 African) on the road go Berlin - training centre for the 3rd world in yellow jackets. Snowfall. Africans from Sudan in workshop for professional training in a metalworking company. Scholarship from Africa artfully edited wood door. Black man from Honduras when planing wood engineer training. The German Foundation for international development organizes seminars for leaders of the third world in the Villa Borsig. Colored holds lecture. Teaching at the Technical University of Berlin on the subject of urban planning.
(57 m) 02 Baden-Württemberg: Schiller National Museum monument to Schiller. Transformer. Settings of part of. The Schiller - birthplace in Marbach. Memorial in the birthplace with personal belongings of the poet as Inkwell, hat, clothes, fonts. Young visitor laugh, great. The Schiller National Museum on the banks of the Neckar. In glass display cases more valuable discount. Premiere poster: The predator. Young woman in the Museum side, large cap. Manuscripts, poems. Visitors to the Museum. In addition to the National Museum of the German literature archive in modern construction. Readers in the reading room. Monument to Schiller. Camera trip.
(55 m) 03 Boeing 737 - energy saving in air transport Boeing 737 landing. Boeing 737 on the airfield. Nozzle size. Part of setting the engine with noise insulation installations. In the cockpit of the pilot interview: "The most important innovation in this plane here..." He points to valves and instruments of the new digital microelectronics, which successive matches all flight values with computer. This creates energy and cost savings. Electronic warning system with optical and acoustic characters. Wheels with brakes. Start a Boeing 737th (57 m) 4 Baden-Württemberg: children's village blade children kneel in the children's village in the nursery school in the district and make Singspiel. Children come home from school. Smaller children on the walk. Schoolchildren go to small single-family house, where they mostly childless wife and assistants as family live children, 1 teacher, 1 with 5-7. The children at dinner table with the "parents". Supervision of children while doing homework. Educators interview: "... now you need 80 get rid of only 6, only 6 away.". Roller skating outdoors. Theatre company at rehearsal interview. "The tent is not yet. -The place is Very good, if all touch we have the tent quickly..." Meeting of educators, parents and psychologists when problems occur. Children with Singspiel in the district.
(66 m) 5th Rottweil / Black Forest: Alemannic Fastnacht (see D 221/5) Mardi Gras Parade with bouncing clips men. Face faces. Medieval masks. Music Chapel. Spectators on the side of the road. Whips men jump. Witches and men with pants conventional on.
(38 m) 6 Wolfsburg Volkswagen plant shot back. Cars image filling pan. Cars in traffic. Full-screen. Hot water outdoor swimming pool. Pretty plants. Fountain. Market. Multilingual kindergarten. Italian foreign workers family at dinner. Italian Football Club training with German colleagues. Play in the snow. Centro italiano. Italians and Germans at bar. The VW Beetle on road.
(56 m) 07. Cologne: football of 1 FC Köln - VFB Stuttgart 3-1 Cologne free-kick before the Stuttgart goal. Little girl with glasses waving banner. Free kick ZL. More skeptical viewers shakes his head. Cologne storm stops. Stuttgart storms and shoots the 1: in the 21st minute 0 Cologne in the attack. Goalkeeper presses post shot over the line to the 1:1 Dieter Müller, Köln, shoots the free kick 2:1 for Cologne.
02 mid-term: Cologne before the opposing goal. Stuttgart storms. Pretty long-haired blonde spectator, great eats French fries. Konopka shoots 1 goal shot the 3: filmed with the door camera. Spectators cheering screen.
(53 m)


Persons in the Film

Müller, Dieter ; Konopka, Harald


Baden ; Berlin ; Blade ; Cologne ; Marbach ; Oppenheim ; Rottweil ; Viet Nam ; Wolfsburg ; Württemberg


Tradition ; Kinderheim ; Fluggerät ; VW ; Autoindustrie ; development aid ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Monuments ; Industry ; Carnival ; Children ; Carnival ; Football ; Aerospace ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; People ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Migrant workers ; Mechanical engineering ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 318/1981

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Federal Republic of Germany

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