Deutschlandspiegel 314/1980 1980


01. the Germans read again Hamburg: literature and bustle. Poetry reading. Teenagers standing audience. Poet o-ton: "da jehen again, one look at her, through the raucous Westerwald, or how many legs has ´ ne janze company and in the sweat of their pale faces..." "Poet on the market. Young bearded man and woman, great. Young woman reading in restaurant. Man reads sitting on bench. Young man standing reads in Metro. Woman reading on the bus. Bookstore with customers. Book is packed. Detlev von Liliencron House - public library. Young people in front of bookshelves. Borrow books.
Frankfurt: German book fair. Young readers. Was Roman literature! Günter Grass on the Frankfurt book fair. Books, great. -Grass: Danzig trilogy - Peter Härtling: listed by for love - Susanne Kilian: Lena child - Peter Härtling: Sofie makes stories. -Non-fiction: Pregnancy and childbirth - stress and anxiety - live at the age. -Special: Afrikana. The peace prize of the German book trade, Ernesto Cardenal.
(74 m) 02. Munich: World Energy Conference delegates go to the Olympia Hall. Schmidt welcomes guests. As a participant of the Conference of German Federal President Karl Carstens. Production sound (fragment) Helmut Schmidt opened the exhibition. Modern energy technologies be visited by participants of the Conference. Electronic industrial plant controls all power plants in Bavaria and gets the required amount of energy. Thermal use of solar energy. Solar system developed for the Federal Republic to the use of solar energy. Concentrated solar energy drives water pump. Water jet flows out of pipe. Max Planck Institute for plasma physics. Development of modern energy sources through fusion of atomic nuclei. Largest fusion device in Europe. Imitation of the nuclear fission process of an exploding H-bomb for peaceful purposes. Scientists visit technical apparatus.
(71 m) 03 roller skaters portal of Cologne Cathedral. Cathedral towers. Skaters on the Cathedral floor. Young people on plastic roller skates. Roller runner in pedestrian area. Intermediate cuts figures of the Cathedral and roller skaters. Run over sloping surface, in the background of Cathedral portal. Viewers with a pipe, large. Studies of various roller skaters between pedestrians.
(63 m) 04. alternative fuels for the car of Hamburg: test car goes to gas station with fuel pump for M 15 refueling of gasoline with 15% methanol admixture. Large scale test with new fuel. Engine compartment flap opens. Small changes to the return valve, the fuel pump and the filter. Exhaust, great. Drivers leaving petrol station. Research laboratory. Automakers participate in trials. Methanol engines in the test. Test drive of two vehicles. Hydrogen filling station on the site of the German research and laboratory of the aerospace industry in South Germany. Test vehicle is refuelled with hydrogen cooled on 2500°. New motor equipment with hoses made of special material for highly explosive fuels. Tempering. Exhaust, great. Hydrogen burns without pollutants and delivers 4 x energy of gasoline. Ride in a hydrogen test car. Production of required hydrogen still very expensive.
(63 m) 05. Berlin: Märkisches district - village of Lübars Sun ball half obscured behind clouds over the high-rise buildings of the Brandenburg district. Village of of lübars houses of mammoth. Harvester drives over land. Urbanites get off at bus stop on bus. On farm, horse appears to stall. Blacksmith Stud hooves of the horse. Horses in the paddock. Background high-rise buildings. Residents of the high-rise settlement between cars. Pan houses facade. Windows in addition to Windows. Excursion to the village. Tractor driving. Village church. Coffee garden. Forest landscape from East wall. Horses are fed. Camera moving skyscrapers.
(70 m) 06 Wildwassserkanu timber-framed houses of Monschau. Canoeists in the whitewater slalom ride. Boat capsizes. ZL studies of whitewater canoeists. Two canoeists. (Same cut as 274/7 D)
D 274/7: half-timbered houses of Monschau. Canoeists in the whitewater slalom ride. Overturning the boat. ZL studies of the whitewater canoeists. Two boats on the route. Garmisch: German whitewater Championships. ZL studies of canoeists in the white water between the cliffs.
(47 m)


Persons in the Film

Carstens, Karl ; Grass, Günter ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Cardenal, Ernesto


Berlin ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Lübeck ; Monschau ; Munich


Wassersport ; Buch ; Wohngebiet ; Lebensbedingungen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Honors ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Industrial events ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; Energy, energy supply ; Research ; Pedestrian ; Paddle ; Political events ; skating ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Power plants ; Cultural events ; People ; Transport: General ; whitewater ; Science ; Jobs ; Astrology ; Exhibitions ; Energiewirtschaft ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 314/1980

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