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01 open Europe sign Glinde - community of Europe - verschwistert with Saint Sebastien sur Loire. Tourists on foot. Foreign cars. Shield: Amt Trittau in the Council of the European communities since 1971 with the Canton Le Loroux Botterau, France verschwistert. Passenger cars, at the window man on backseat boy. Tourists with maps. Shield: Sandesneben - community of Europe. International sailing lessons on the Baltic Sea at Travemünde. In sailing boat young French and German lessons. Sailboat in the wind. Port of Travemünde. The Passat as a youth hostel with young people on board. Entrance of the ferry Nils Holgersson of TT-line. Cars from the ferry. 2 young girls with knapsack hiking. Customs border. Husband films. The portal of the Strasbourg Cathedral. Strasbourg Cathedral at end of street with tourists. Tourists in a small French restaurant food in the open air. The Schönburg castle on the Rhine. International youth meeting at the beautiful castle. Young man playing guitar. 2 young people talking on Bank. View from the castle on the Rhine Valley. Singing and hiking of the young people.
(78 m) 2 small Circus on the Atlas circus wagon of outskirts of the city ride on meadow. Construction of the tent. Hitting the tent blocks. Setting up the masts, margins of the tent roof. The senior of the family business goes to the camels and gives them a treat. He spread straw in the stable of ponies. Man plays the Hammond organ. Boy in tricks on the trampoline. Mother with baby on her arm. Elephant carries a 3-year old boy with the trunk. Little boy lies beneath the elephant. Pony runs to camel. Artists behind the ring. Director of horse dressage. Art tab. Clown on a horse, horse quadrille.
(73 m) 03 Museum city of Berlin exhibition on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the first public museum in Berlin. "Man in the mirror of his time from antiquity to the present. Catalog.
Review: Photos of the founding of the first museum in 1830. Modern museums in Berlin today. Sculptures and paintings of European art history with works on loan from private property and major museums. Viewers. Religious paintings of the middle ages. Painting of Salvador Dali. Painting with the theme of "Death and dying", war horror. Viewer, great. Criticism of the art of social ills. KZ group full of horror. This group: dead on the battlefield. Swivel. Upraised arm of oaths.
(76 m) 04 charcoal plastic coloured plastic objects: helmet, gloves, chain, steering wheel, seat. Plastic parts in car. Coal yard. Headframe. Man goes on between tracks between Kohlenhalden. Industries from chemical plant. Production of methanol from coal. Factory recordings. Liquid hydrocarbon flows from pipe. BASF Ludwigshafen. The methanol catalysts break down into its components. Electronic control of the fission process with diagrams on the screen. Laboratory equipment, large.
(53 m) 05. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, traditional game: the master trunk of the Mayor at the Town Hall in historic costumes. Views of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, behind the city wall. City gates, houses and squares. Tourist with a camera. International visitors. Far eastern faces, Americans, partly dark-skinned. Sign in front of the hotel Eisenhut, medieval guest house signs. Tourist flow in narrow street. Old houses, towers from different angles. Tourists in quantities with cameras on the market. Demonstration of the pastoral dance on the market.
(60 m) 6th Cuxhaven: Watts race (see D 252/1) North Sea at Cuxhaven. Ship on the sea. People go in the Wadden Sea. Horse racing in the tidal flats. Galloping horses ZL. Bathers as a spectator. Spectators and viewers in bikini and bathing suit. 2 horses interfere in curve. Harness racing in the Watt ZL. Water sprayed on. Many spectators on the beach. Sulkyfahrer with dirt-smudged face after the race.
D 252/1: North Sea at Cuxhaven. Ships on the sea. Skeppsbron. People go in the Wadden Sea. In the foreground, Wadden Sea, in the background driving ships. Horse racing in the Watts: start. Spectators on both sides of the gated track. Galloping horses in ZL. Fence viewers and spectators in a bikini or swimsuit behind. 2 horses hamper in the corner. Harness racing in the tidal flats. Viewers in the bathroom, standing watch through binoculars. Movement of trotting horses in ZL. Spectators on the beach full image. Drivers in the Sulky after victory with a verdrecktem face.
(45 m)



Berlin ; Duhnen ; France ; Hamburg ; Ludwigshafen, Germany ; Rhine ; Red Castle ; Rothe Castle ob der Tauber ; Rothenburg ; Schönburg ; Strasbourg ; Travemünde


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Education, youth ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Research ; Photographers ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Sailing ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Surfing ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; harness racing ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; People ; festivals ; Science ; Circus ; Customs ; Exhibitions ; Mining ; Mine ; Gastronomy ; Europa (allgemein; EG) ; Pferdesport ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 312/1980

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