Deutschlandspiegel 311/1980 1980


01 vintage man turns car crank. License plate reverse NS 33. Home of classic cars to international rally. Slide map of classic cars. Viewers. A Talbot in 1927 and an old vehicle from France. Horse grazing on the pasture. Fans care and Assembly of cars. Disassembling a vintage car in workshop. Missing spare parts must be manufactured in Eigenbau. 2 men in vintage cars and get on Highway. Various models of vintage cars on drive.
(64 m) 02 Berlin: "Jugend forscht" Congress Hall. Fountain. Awards ceremony for the winners of the Federal competition Jugend Forscht. Ceremony with Federal Minister tree. 2 winners from Hamburg, which improved the depth of light microscopes. Object of investigation is put into vibrations under simultaneous output of synchronous flashes of light. The participants prior to their work. 1st prize for a heat pump heating system. Energy for the heating of a single-family house is removed from the outdoor air. Lutz Hein (17 years old) invented a device that accurately measures the water balance of trees.
(45 m) 03 Oberammergau: passion Festival Oberammergau transformer. Sample scene. Young woman with donkey. Rudolph Zwink, student of dentistry, and son of the Mayor, big desk, go to the sample and as Christ. Scene: Expulsion of the traders from the temple. Emily o-ton: "what I see here? Is this God's House, or is it a marketplace? Away from here, I command you." Martin Wagner as performers of Judas and a blunder by Saints. Martha Wiedemann of machine and sew gloves in the sewing room, and as the character of Mary in scene with Jesus.
(60 m) 04 City North drive recording City North. Swing over building. HEW building, Texaco, Hamburg-Mannheimer. Car traffic. Post boats on bicycle. Window cleaner in gondola on houses. Open-plan office. Large kitchen. Cooking with the taste. Food in canteen. Supermarket in the northern city. Auto exit at closing time. Small wooden house on the edge of the area on Schrebergelände. Man drinking coffee on the veranda.
(59 m) 5th portrait Norbert Gansel, MdB SPD Norbert Gansel welcomes young men on the street and goes with them together in the Federal House. Norbert Gansel as Deputy in the Chamber photo: Gansel with helmet in the working in the parliamentary recess. Publishing its annual balance sheet with inputs and outputs (voted only against diet boost for members). Library at his home in Kiel. Norbert Gansel in his study with his little daughter. His English wife, great. Daughter, big, on his lap, dictated. Gansel windsurfing on the Baltic Sea, Gansel in Kiel in political debate in the Assembly o-ton: "... then something is decided, but seen here with Very much A lot of skepticism."
(60 m) 6th Rottweil: Erich Hauser sculptures (see D 195/5, own text) steel sculptures in the open air. Erich Hauser in between his sculptures. Erich Hauser in processing of the miniature model. Manufacture of plastic welding torch and cutter. Round tubes are polished blank. Welding together of the steel construction. The sculptures outdoors, consisting of surface and tubes.
(43 m) 7th Kiel: windjammer parade of tall ships Parade into the Kiel fjord. Viewers in rain gear. The sailors in the shrouds. The German sailing ship Gorch Fock. The world's largest active sailing ship, the Kruzenshtern from the Soviet Union.
(55 m)


Persons in the Film

Hauser, Erich ; Baum ; Gansel, Norbert ; Hein, Lutz ; Wagner, Martin ; Wiedemann, Martha ; Zwink, Rudolf


Berlin ; Hamburg ; Kiel ; Mannheim ; Münster ; Oberammergau, Germany


Sailing ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Education, youth ; festivals ; Research ; Portraits ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Surfing ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Transport: General ; Science ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Städtebau ; Automobil ; 01 16 mm project ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 311/1980

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Federal Republic of Germany

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