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01 Wind surf (see 241/5 D) athletes carry sails and boards to the water. Attach the sail to the Board. Pulling out of the rudder. Start with colorful sails. Balancing on the Board in the wind. Surfing for two on tandem Board with 2 sails. Athletes fall into the sea.
(D) 241/5: Athletes help water sailing and sailing Board and put together device. Start with colorful sails. Balancing on the Board in the wind. Surfing for two on tandem Board with two sails. Artistic skiing on the boards. Sports tip over and fall into the sea.
(42 m) 2 Zugspitze Zugspitzbahn moves. People in the Zugspitzbahn in driveway. Mountain panorama. People with baggage climb the mountain. Zugspitze Summit with buildings and hotel. Cross on the Summit. The Münchner Haus. People drink coffee on the terrace and in the House. People lie on terrace sun loungers. Weather station on the Zugspitze with data recorders and monitors. Workers in the construction of radio station of the Federal Post Office for the improvement of telephone traffic with Italy and Austria. Summit cross. Panoramic view from the Zugspitze to the alpine world.
Matthias Wissmann, Chairman of the Junge Union (50 m) 03 portrait MdB CDU election booth on the street. Matthias Wissmann in distributing brochures and meetings with citizens. Wissmann actuality: "... He will be supported by all. It's about the question, Strauss or Schmidt!" Wang directs Assembly of the Junge Union. Pretty girl face, long-haired, big. Close-up of listeners. Wissmann welcomed two young people outside the House of his parents in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Interview at desk in the House. Wissmann at playing tennis in the Hall. Wang as a member of the Economic Committee of the Bundestag. Kurt Biedenkopf, great. Federal Eagle, Chamber, shot back, parliamentary session, Matthias Wissmann as a member.
(51 m) 04. German Cancer aid folk festival in the wine town of Oppenheim in the favor of the German Cancer aid. Band playing. Refreshment stand. Divers inside pool money in life-size. Kids balloon throwing. Money is put into life-size at chicken coop. Poster life sake - Deutsche Krebshilfe. Office in Bonn with employees, brochures and publications. Conference with the participation of Mildred Scheel. Mildred Scheel close-up. Mobile mammography station. Assessment of the X-ray image. Radiology Department. Medical team during the discussion in the tumor Center before x-rays. Patient is lying pushed into computer tomography. Evaluation of the recordings.
(58 m) 05. Berlin: 86. German Catholic day additional people filling picture. Mass rallies with young people, which for modern songs, sing and dance. Meeting under the motto of the Church: Christ love is stronger. Memorial Church. Young people sit in the open air. Band plays. Dance on the street. Joachim Meisner, Bishop of Berlin, in conversation with the young people. People throng filling picture. Feed of the priest, procession with Meßknaben to the final rally at the Olympic Stadium. The last supper is served people with disabilities. Common speech of the creed. Betende, old and young. Long shot of the rally. Among those present of Mother Theresa.
(73 m) 06. Joseph Beuys, art Professor Düsseldorf of Joseph Beuys kneeling before his sculpture tram stop. Preparation for exhibition. Sweeps dirt with hand brush aside. The exhibition of his work in the Gugenheim Museum in New York. Exhibition of his drawings at the Berlin National Museum. Visitors look at paintings. Beuys's autographs. Beuys distributed brochures in the Bundestag election the Greens on the road 1980 before racing car. In the interview with the citizens. Beuys actuality: "A demand-driven economy would be the solution of the problem". Beuys of autograph and draws Fedora he wears All the time and is called "Citizen Crown".
(58 m) 07. Hamburg: HSV - Schalke 4-0 football call young fans in bleachers "HSV, gossip, gossip, gossip". Kick-off in the last match against the Bundesliga's Schalke. ZL footage outside the Kabyar gate. Horst Hrubesch shoots 1:0 viewers filling picture. Flags are waved. Header of the Schalke goal. Keegan dribbling through the entire field leads to a 2-0 by Peter Nogly. ZL. Counterattack of Schalke. Rudi Kargus keeps ZL.
02 mid-term: HSV storms. Shot on goal ZL by Harding. Waving and flag-waving image filling.
(54 m)


Persons in the Film

Scheel, Mildred ; Nogly ; Beuys, Joseph ; Biedenkopf, Kurt ; Meisner, Joachim ; Wissmann, Matthias ; Hrubesch, Horst ; Karguss, Rudi ; Keegan, Kevin


Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Munich ; New York ; North Rhine-Westphalia ; Nuremberg ; Oppenheim ; Sylt ; Zugspitze


Wassersport ; Wintersport ; Kunstausstellung ; Bundestag ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Football ; Political events ; Portraits ; Postal, postal services ; Religious events ; Sailing ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Surfing ; Art ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; People ; Meteorology ; veterinary medicine ; Elections ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Exhibitions ; Autographs ; Gastronomy ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Kirchentag ; 01 16 mm project ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 310/1980

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Federal Republic of Germany

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