Deutschlandspiegel 308/1980 1980


1st portrait of Ingrid Matthäus Ingrid Matthäus in the FDP election in North Rhine-Westphalia. She speaks to passersby under FDP tent. Matthew o-ton: "on May 11. Choose North Rhine-Westphalia, about whether the Federal Council is occupied 2/3 of the CDU/CSU, because if this loses the social liberal coalition, the Union in the Bundesrat has a two thirds majority and then nothing moves in Bonn ever." Listener with glasses, and young audience, great. Ingrid Matthäus with little blonde daughter out on the bike. Ingrid Matthäus plays in her home from Bonn at the desk next to her daughter. Ingrid Matthäus as Chairman of the Finance Committee of the German Parliament opened session, Matthew o-ton: "... open the afternoon session of the Finance Committee." Bundeshaus Bonn on the Rhine.
(56 m) 02 German gemstone road car driving on road by the Hunsrück. Free Museum indicates gemstone findings with stone blocks. Hobby collectors are looking for stones in the quarry. Stone finds. Polishing. Water wheel is driven. Rocker Chair is grinders and presses the stone sandstone wheel. Larger sanding operation several grinder working on wheels in hand work. Cut or polished gems.
(44 m) 03 25 years German Lufthansa Lufthansa planes fly, launch, land.
S / W review: 1955: training of Lufthansa personnel. Use flight attendants. 1.4.1955: Start of the first Lufthansa machines in Hamburg. In the June shooting of trans-Atlantic traffic. Views of the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Airport Düsseldorf. 1963: Greeting of the 8 millionth passenger. Stewardesses.
Col: Aircraft on the airfield. Maintenance of the machines in big Halle. Flight Simulator from the outside and inside. Training in the Simulator. Landing of aircraft. Terminal airfield building. Start of Airbus by Stern. Wheels are retracted.
(61 m) 04 free Berlin art exhibition poster: free Berlin art exhibition. Street musicians go into exhibition space. Sculpture with vibrant neon lights as the head. Colorful lights band as the connection between persons. Visitors to the exhibition. Children rocking in wooden Bowl. Children paint on large panels. Skeptical Viewer. Bald man group. Ape man. Paintings, sculptures. Figure of a girl with bare-chested front motorcycle.
(61 m) 05 recycling garbage truck unload debris in a waste recycling plant in Hamburg. Fire in big kiln. Control room. Electricity generation and energy gained in cartoon drawing. Waste sorting conveyor. Gulls pick up trash mountain. Cinder mountain. Use of slag in road construction. Roller rolls road surface.
(50 m) 06 portrait of Trier barge on the river Moselle. Cityscape Trier on the Moselle river, total. Roman buildings. Market square with houses from the time of Gothic and Renaissance. Birthplace of Karl Marx. Painting of Karl Marx. Images and text panels in the House. "The capital" in several translations. The University. The Cathedral with the 160-year-old basilica. Restorers securing artworks from decay. The roof collapse at risk is secured with pillars.
(44 m) 07. Dortmund: flowers of the ice pick up young skater World Figure Skating Championships. Freestyle cousins of the Englishman. Audience clapping, filling the screen. Cousins celebrated with arms full of flowers. High scoring of the Freestyle: 5,9. camera. Press box with monitors. Ice dancing couples on the ice. Kürlauf by Dagmar Lurz. Advertisement: Jägermeister - Tungsram - Verpoorten - Carlsberg - Spa - Minolta camera - Granini - Fachingen Metaxa - Yankee.
(60 m)


Persons in the Film

Marx, Karl ; Matthäus, Ingrid ; Cousins, Robin ; Lurz, Dagmar ; Ohm, Axel


Berlin ; Bonn ; Dortmund ; Hamburg ; Hunsrück ; Lübeck ; North Rhine-Westphalia ; Sylt ; Trier ; Viet Nam


Wintersport ; Jubiläum ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating ; Craft ; Children ; Football ; Political events ; Portraits ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Raw materials ; Reviews ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; Art ; Landscapes ; People ; Elections ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Energieumwandlung ; 01 16 mm project ; Raw materials ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 308/1980

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Federal Republic of Germany

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