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1 Munich: curling, curling, shoots over the ice and meets little red wooden cubes. 2 crows on Schneeberg. Curling in the Park in front of the Nymphenburg Castle. Woman throws, various ice shooters. Strengthening through drink.
(41 m) 2nd participation (some archive material) profession: woman with tweezers, large, filling tube. Welder. Man at desk on the phone, desk woman, woman sees through magnifying glass, technical draughtsman, assembly line, open-plan office. Works Constitution Act (text). Sign with arrow Works Council. Going to the meeting. Betriebsratssitzung. Confidence men of the Works Council to discuss with workers in workshop. The Group of men, small, behind huge rotating machine screw. S/W: landscape of rubble after the war. Industries. Blast furnace. Headframe. Miners in coal mining. Mine closures.
Col: Trick with hats and helmets on table. Composition of supervisory boards for joint participation with equal shares by representatives of capital and workers. Vote the Chairman of the Supervisory Board shall be decisive. Headquarters of Esso, FARBWERKE Höchst, Edeka, Hamburg Mannheimer insurance. Offices and factory workers. Training of the DGB to participation. Workers leave the factory of the Vulkan shipyard in Bremen at closing time. Parking. Workers go from the premises.
(117 m) 03 Hamburg: Jazz in school students help when carrying musical instruments in the school. Jazz Band "Bobcats" in gym by school answered questions from students interview: "I wanted to ask whether this is your profession, or your hobby?" -We all have yet another job by the way, but we consider us already as A little bit as a semi professional, or how you should express that. -I want to ask whether you play just jazz, or other music? -We play only jazz. I play for now first of all only a harmony schema you by a blues. Listen, maybe recognizes it after a couple of times." Faces of pupils and students, great. The Bobcats play jazz and To give explanations to the sound sequence. Musicians interview: "and to fit a melody. You can now make sure. Now, Jochen will play the melody of "Coming home, Baby" on the flute and I go with him this harmony scheme." Band plays, clapping pupil.
(59 m) 04 Foundation Volkswagen work with Holsten Lübeck. Restoration of old facades. Gothic brick facade from the 15th century appears under the decapitated plaster. The Panel of experts of the Foundation of Volkswagenwerk in assessment of applications. Faces, great. Operation at the Munich University Clinic. Transplantation of a torn-down heel. Close-up of the surgical field. Sewing of veins. Tendons, nerves. Technical equipment of micro-surgery was funded by the Foundation. Guest House of the Technical University of Braunschweig. Foreign researchers are supported by the Foundation. Eastern scientists, Indian, big faces. (Archive DSP 283 + remnants of Lübeck)
(65 m) 05. Berlin: Bundesdruckerei of ornate candelabra as street lighting. Candelabra as a postage stamp. Banknotes, bank stocks, securities, government bonds, passports and forms. Production in the Federal Printing Office. Engraver transmits template for stamp on steel plate. Pressure cylinder for mark printing. In Hall, women check the sheets for errors. Print template for bills with security thread. Production of forms in the light set procedure. Print rotation machines. Chute of finished phone books. Production of the art leaves of the Bundesdruckerei to old engravings.
(58 m) 06. The Halligen (see D 226/4) flying Seagull. The Hallig surrounded by sea, with thatched houses. Hallig road cyclist. Cruising ship to the Hallig. Post is passed. Stone banks of the Hallig of waves plays. Hallig Bauer at the cut out of ditches and ramparts against the flood building. Flock of sheep and cows graze. Children to ride on the bicycle to school. The teacher will start before the class in room and taught the generators.
Read: Smaller girl ponders storybook and reads above.
Geography: Blond boy faces map.
The sea with sunset evening sky.
(37 m)



Berlin ; Braunschweig ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Lübeck ; Mosel ; Munich


Arbeitsbedingungen ; Eissport ; Lehrmethoden ; Forschungsförderung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Stock Exchange ; stamps ; Ice skating ; Trade, finance ; Craft ; Higher education ; Children ; Musical events ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; Co-determination ; veterinary medicine ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; employment ; construction ; works councils ; Trade unions ; Berlin, BRD (Bundesland) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 307/1980

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