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1st youth penal institution HAMELN facade of old place with latticed Windows. Hanging teens in court. Prison inside. Small, tight, unfriendly cell. Young people on a wooden table. Building of modern youth penal institution in HAMELN. Young people train on the football field. 4 young people of a community sitting at the table and eat. Friendly single cells with curtains and more comfortable seating. Young people in workshop crafts and works. Cutting out a sculpture made of stone. Teaching to achieve a diploma for primary or secondary school. Walls in the training workshop. Kraftfahrzeug mechanic workshop. Freigängerhaus in town for standing before the release of the prisoners. Young people on the way to work. Young people in the bakery. Wait before bus and return home.
(72 m) 02 Kassel: painting restoration castle garden with fountains. The Castle Gallery with valuable paintings.
Rembrandt self-portrait. Van Dyck. Restorers working on images. Search for clues. Preservation. X-ray machine scanned the inner structure of works of art. Damage will be visible. Damage to paintings. Painting, great. Rembrandt image filling.
(45 m) 03. market opening – trade with the third world (partly archive) D 280, 261,271,289 VW Beetle in the traffic on the Hamburgerstrasse. VW Beetle manufacturing plant in Mexico.
VW Beetle on the transport vehicle. Port of Hamburg - loading of goods.
Trick: shipping charge scenes. Training of people from developing countries. Construction vehicles on forest road. Construction vehicles and machinery fair. Tire manufacturing. Imports from developing countries. Unloading of raw materials and semi-finished goods. Wooden boards are unloaded. Processing of wood boards to window frames and doors in workshop. Overseas import trade fair in Berlin. Profile of Negril with earrings, wholesale. Sales pitches. African State, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Argentina. Leather, fabrics, tableware.
(78 m) 04 Bad Wörishofen Spa Orchestra plays against mostly older listeners. Spa gardens with fountains. Walkers. Mature couple sitting on bench. Kneipp treatments. Barefoot running on grass. Portrait of Sebastian Kneipp. Images and statues Kneipp. Folks at the treading water. Change foot bath hot cold in two vessels. Water treatment, massages with a hose spraying. Visitors to a small wooden bridge over a watercourse. Spa concert. Listeners applaud.
(38 m) 5th Airbus Hua Guo Feng in Finkenwerder in factory of Airbus. Manufactured items are flown to Toulouse for the Assembly. Start of transport aircraft. Assembly of the Airbus. Airbus kicks off by Stern. Wheels are retracted. (See D 259/1). (D) 259: Airbus A 300 starts from scratch. Wheels are retracted shots from below. Franz Josef Strauss on the lectern in delivery of the Airbus to Lufthansa. Airbus in Hall. Drawing plane with trace of parts manufactured in Germany. Loading of aircraft parts in transport aircraft for the flight to Toulouse for final assembly. Flies Airbus transporter. Equipment of the Airbus in Hamburg. Workers wear stalls. The crew of the aircraft in the aircraft after installation of chairs. Cockpit instruments. Airbus and people on the airfield. Start of the Airbus side from right to left.
(38 m) 06. Berlin: Research Centre for art heart creating art heart crafted from metal alloys and the plastic Polyteran. Scientists at the Research Center in Berlin. Laboratory tests and animal experiments. Calf eats from trough in stand connected to the artificial heart. Professor Bücherl, Director of the Research Center in operation clothes in conversation with colleagues. Operation: Exchange of the heart in animals. Calf is on a treadmill. Heart records on screen. Calf takes small cars with equipment.
(52 m) 07. Hamburg: HSV - Borussia Dortmund 4-0 Rudi Kargus in the Hamburg goal, ZL. Gate camera. Free kick HSV. Goalkeeper Ibrahim holds. Viewers behind barriers. Kevin Keegan plays opponents. Header Harding 1.0 cheering fans. Storms Hamburg, Keegan before the Borussia goal. Shot on the crossbar. Keegan is playing ball. Back to Keegan's flank. Shot on goal 2:0 Keegan is next to goalkeeper into the goal. Kaltz at the ball. Is besieged and falls. Buljan is limping on the Court. After bad ball handing Dortmund counter-attack. Rudi Kargus keeps ZL. Own defence of Dortmund goalkeeper Ibrahim. Buljan storms alone. Shot on goal 3: Clap 0 spectators. Corner of HSV. Header Buljan 4:0 repeat in ZL.
(60 m)


Persons in the Film

Bücherl ; Hua Guo, Feng ; Kneipp, Sebastian ; Buljan ; Hrubesch, Horst ; Immel, Eike ; Kaltz, Manfred ; Karguss, Rudi ; Keegan, Kevin


Bad Wörishofen ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Hamelin ; Kassel ; Viet Nam


Gesundheit ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hobby ; Justice ; development aid ; aircraft ; Research ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Musical events ; Aerospace ; sports audience, sports spectator ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Art ; Medicine ; Holiday ; Crime ; veterinary medicine ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Judiciary ; Jugendhilfe ; medizinische Forschung ; Strafvollzug ; Restaurierung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 303/1979

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Federal Republic of Germany

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