Deutschlandspiegel 300/1979 1979


1st Castle Eltz aerial photos of castles on the Rhine. The Burg Eltz on the Moselle river. Paper banknote image filling. The Burg Eltz as a motif of the 500 DM note. Settings of the Castle. Visitors go to the Castle up to the tour. Indoor shots. The flag room with large tiled stove from the 16th century. Painting. Knight's armour. Look in the Castle courtyard. Restoration work on the walls.
(51 m) 2nd energy crisis Highway balloon. Transformer for traffic sign Solingen, Düsseldorf - Mülheim Ruhr - Centrum. Pedestrians in pedestrian street. Power plant turbines. Aircraft Jet, traffic images, landing of aircraft. Driving record refinery. Tanker Esso-Schumacher. Tank goods train. Petrol station. Display at pump. Crowds at gas station. Used car sales of large cars BMW and Mercedes. Rear of the golf diesel. Indicator on sign on highway no faster than 130 cars on Highway. Porsche overhauled. Industrial site with chimneys. Electric power plant. City construction site. Houses wall is insulated. Installing new Windows. Flat roof waterproofing. Thermostats and controls used on heating. Outdoor swimming pool. Lifeguards measures temperature and water temperature on board writes: 21 °, strokes: 24 °. The Rhine near Bonn. Government buildings.
(68 m) 3rd boat yard in Friedrichskoog returning fishing boats in harbour crab fishing. Fishing trawler in the small port of Friedrichskoog. Sheep graze on the flat land of the Geest. Fishing boats raised out of the water to be repaired. Welding of propeller, great. The Bierlitz wood yard. Ship's hull with bulkheads made of wood. Planing. Nail. Screw the wooden parts. Daughter of the owner Peter Bieritz works on a typewriter in the Office. Son, trained as a shipwright, makes the construction drawings. Work in the shipyard.
(58 m) 04. Hamburg: IVA - international transport exhibition hats railway officials from all over the world. Profile of exhibition visitors great. Electric locomotive of the DB. As InterCity. Young man seen interested in delivery. The visitors of the exhibition. Drive motor. Exhibition grounds with small locomotive. Locomotive transformer. People entering the cab. Modern track-guided bus. Ship radar records, navigation AIDS by radar. Modern engine, screen-filling. Magnetic levitation. Ride in the Maglev.
(52 m) 05. Munich: cut car-art exhibition in the German Museum real scenes and paintings in the Exchange. Traffic pictures of cars. Images depicting the traffic. Motorway traffic. Camera films up front. Cars on highway driving down in turn. Image: all-controlling road in countryside. Camper camping car with TV, don't look for the environment. People are on rocky ground next to the car. Real: Cars on roads by landscape. Sprawl nature. Images: road traffic accidents. Real: Child is then transported away on stretcher. Blue light. Emergency dressing is applied. Car scrap heap. Pictures: car scrap.
(59 m) 06. Baroque music in the pilgrimage church of Wies in OBB.
The pilgrimage church of Wies. Settings of part of. Sundial. Interiors of the rococo church. The Baroque ensemble of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra plays the Concerto a minor by Antonio Vivaldi. Pictures of the Church. Galleries. Columns. Paintings on the ceiling. Angel. Figures.
(46 m) 7th Berlin. Archery World Cup wife sets arc, aims and shoots. Arrow hits the target. Shooters at the margins, aiming and shooting. Shooters shoot in rows. Asians, Americans, Brazilians. Counting the bullet holes after shooting and carrying the scoring by judges. Jim Ho Kim of South Korea, is the world champion at the age of 17. World champion will be Olympic champion Darrel pace from the United States. Award ceremony for Jim Ho Kim and Darrel pace.
(52 m)


Persons in the Film

Bieritz, Peter ; Kim, Jim Ho ; Pace, Darrel


Berlin ; Castle Eltz ; Celle ; Friedrichskoog ; Hamburg ; Huntorf ; Munich ; Nuremberg


Erdölvorkommen ; Bootsbau ; Art ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; archery ; Railways ; Energy, energy supply ; Musical events ; Oil ; Radar ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; People ; Transport: General ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Museum ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 300/1979

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Federal Republic of Germany

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